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Easy Elegance for life - women's clothing

How to use the notKnot

Discover several ways to use your notKnot - a stainless steel tool that helps you wear scarves in more ways.

You can also use it as a tee shirt tie, and to close up light sweater cardigans.

How do I clean my Final Straw?

The friendly mermaid will show you how to clean your super cool Final Straw - the last straw you'll ever need! Available in four colors at MaJe Gallery for just $25.

How to Wear a Caron Miller Shimmer Shawl

Discover numerous ways to wear your beautiful new Shimmer Shawl by Caron Miller. Get yours at MaJe Gallery! In the video, Manya is demonstrating with the aqua color. Also available in teal, tangerine, olive, silver, black, coppery chocolate and more.

How To Wear The Wrap

The Wrap is a versatile fashion tool you can wear nearly 25 ways. If you love to play with clothes, then this is perfect for you. Available in over 20 colors!

So many ways to wear the Flirt!

In this video, learn the various ways you can wear the Flirt by Angelrox. Available in over 20 colors, it is a versatile addition to your wardrobe for just $98.

Call Manya to get your very own.