New Product Showcase #3: Wine Lovers Delight

“Wine cheers the sad, revives the old, inspires the young, makes weariness forget his toil,” so sayeth Lord Byron. We here at MaJe Gallery wholeheartedly agree, and may all wine lovers delight in the holiday gift offerings we share with you today.

Wine, Words and Art

wine lover delights in art, like this fused glass candle shield by Celeste Stuhring.
Fused glass candle shield

This charming piece of art glass is curved so it can stand up by itself. A votive cup is glued to the back for both stabilization as well as an opportunity to add ambient glow to your wine enjoyment. “Wine pairs nicely with friends” is flanked by a grape cluster on one side and a wine glass on the other. Stands approximately 7″ high for just $45.

wine lovers delight in laughing about celebrating their enjoyment like in these wine charms by Celeste Stuhring.
A trio of wine charms

Fused glass “wine charms” fit perfectly over the neck of a bottle of wine to celebrate the gift. Later, hang it in a window to enjoy a sunny glow and a smile. At just $12 each, why stop at one? Find the perfect phrase for your wine-loving pals and spread the joy.

wine lovers delight in wine themed earrings by Celeste Stuhring
Wine themed earrings are great fun

How about a pair of sparkly earrings for a wine and earring loving friend? These feature sparkly dichroic glass and sterling ear wires for just $29. They are the perfect accessory for your next wine-tasting adventure.

wine lover delight in giving Christmas ornaments to their friends
A charming ornament

This handmade pottery ornament adorns the wine lovers Christmas tree with pride. This is an excellent choice for a gift exchange between those with a shared love of wine. Just $18.

wine lovers delight in unique Christmas ornaments
A red wine glass Christmas ornament

How about a glass of wine as a Christmas tree ornament? This is 4″ tall and filled to the top with red “wine” that sparkles. A handmade copper ornament hook is included. Just $18.

Wine lovers delight in the Perfect Chill

The Wine FREEZE™ is perfect for all wines. Just pop it in the fridge to cool your reds to the perfect cellar temperature or store in the freezer to chill your whites. HOST®’s proprietary cooling gel is precisely engineered to keep your beverage perfectly cold for hours. For red wine, refrigerate HOST® Wine FREEZE™ Cooling Cups for at least two hours to keep your drink between fifty-eight and sixty degrees Fahrenheit For white wine, freeze HOST® Wine FREEZE™ Cooling Cups for at least two hours to keep your drink between forty-three and fifty-three degrees Fahrenheit Inside the BPA free plastic walls of the HOST® Wine FREEZE™ Cooling Cups lies our proprietary cooling gel. Now available at MaJe Gallery.

wine lovers delight in style and function HOST lets your wine remain the perfect temperature
Keep your wine the perfect temperature

At MaJe Gallery, get a box of four wine freeze cooling cups by HOST, or just an individual one for that special person. An excellent stocking stuffer, you now know exactly what to get! Just  $13.48 for one or $42.98 for a box of four.

wine lovers delight in great tools to get perfect wine like these great ones from HOST
The CHILL cooling wine pour spout

Cool, pour and preserve with the CHILL™. Just pour the first glass, insert the cooling pour spout and enjoy perfectly chilled wine! After just two hours in the freezer, your CHILL™ is ready to do the hard work for you. Cooling gel perfectly chills wine. Drip free pour spout  and air tight seal to stop and preserve wine. Colorful (blue, green, pink or gray) silicone stopper included. Comes in a high quality box for easy gifting.  Just $18.99.

Dress Up With Style For Your Holiday Parties

wine lovers delight in looking great at parties. This great outfit will have you be the toast of the town!
A fun, distinctive outfit for your holiday festivities

To look great at your holiday festivities this year, stop by MaJe Gallery and let Manya help you find the perfect outfit. This one is perfect for the perfect for a powerful yet feminine appeal. The layered Marcia Bloom skirt features bright stripes beneath a lace overlay. I pinned up the overly to reveal the colorful stripes beneath. I picked one of the stripe colors, red for Christmas, and paired it with a red cotton top by Necessitees as well as their black cotton ruffle sleeve cropped jacket. Strappy sandals, ankle boots or knee-high boots all work great with this outfit. Finish it off with this charming lariat necklace with deep red Murano glass beads.

Easy Elegance for Football Fans

As you all know, we’re all about Easy Elegance here at MaJe Gallery. Most wouldn’t equate “elegance” with football, but we persevere! And we have conquered. Check it out, football fans! Kirkland’s Tribute Sweaters has come to our rescue!

Order your favorites now for delivery by December 20!

easy elegance for football fans with Tribute sweaters for UW Husky fans
Three options for UW Husky fans

Let’s start with our beloved UW Huskies! Here are three choices for you to wear on January 1 as you watch them win the Rose Bowl! Also a perfect gift for your Husky fan friends and family members. More Husky options available at the end of this post. All Tribute sweaters are $99. Order now for delivery by December 20.

Washington State University

easy elegance for football fans of WSU Cougars enjoy beautiful Tribute sweaters
Three options for WSU Cougar fans

Easy elegance for football fans extends all the way to eastern Washington and WSU Cougar fans. These three great options suit all the Cougar fans in your life. Be ready for the Alamo Bowl on December 28 by wearing and gifting one of these lovely sweaters.

Central Washington University

easy elegance for football fans enjoy Tribute sweaters for Central Washington University's wildcats
CWU wildcats look great in Tribute sweaters

The wildcats at CWU in Ellensburg want to look great too, and we’ve got some great choices for them. All three of these feature their mascot, the Wildcat!

Western Washington University

easy elegance for football fans continues with WWU, Western Washington University sweaters from Tribute
Tribute sweaters for the WWU Vikings

WWU Vikings also enjoy easy elegance for football fans, in fact for fans of  all Western Washington University’s sports teams. For current students and alumni alike, these make great gifts for you and your WWU mates.

Seattle Seahawks

easy elegance for football fans of the Seattle Seahawks enjoy the elegant sweaters of Tribute.
Throwback colors for the Seahawks

You can’t go far without seeing our ubiquitous “12” symbols all over the place. At MaJe Gallery, these pretty Tribute sweaters feature the throwback colors of yesteryear and remain ever popular. Get a white or blue background and support our home team in style! Choose the number “12” or “3”.

easy elegance for football fans of the Seattle Seahawks enjoy Tribute sweaters
Or choose the current hues of navy and lime!

But you may prefer the current colors of navy blue and lime green, or “action green” as they called it in a recent game. Choose the number “12” or “3” for your fan sweater.

First Dibs!

easy elegance for football fans will also enjoy First Dibs this Thursday evening in downtown Edmonds. Kick of the holiday shopping season in our festive environment!

A favorite holiday event of downtown Edmonds shopping revives this year – First Dibs! In days of yore, this was the biggest thing going in downtown Edmonds. Merchants put on a festive event to ring in the holiday shopping season when all their mechandise is at its peak. You enjoy the biggest selection possible, often with some savings attached! Tasty treats and beverages add to the fun. Join us this coming Thursday from 5 – 8 pm in downtown Edmonds

More Husky Sweater Options

Several more options for UW Huskies await…

easy elegance for football fans of the UW Huskies adore Tribute sweaters
Three more options for UW Huskies

Here are three more options for UW Husky fans. With purple, black and white backgrounds, you’re sure to find a favorite.

easy elegance for football fans of the UW Huskies love Tribue sweaters
Go for a nice big “W”

Like to keep it simple? Then go for this simply sweet “W” emblazoned on your Easy Elegance UW sweater by Tribute. Choose a purple background with a white “W”, or a white background with a gold “W”.

Order your sweaters today and get them in time for Christmas!

New Product Showcase #2: Holiday Delights

I searched far and wide to find a unique and quirky combination of gifts for you to offer to your friends and family this year, so welcome to my New Product Showcase #2! Since Christmas is simply not complete without chocolate, let’s start there.

New product showcase is not complete without chocolate. Here we have Divine Chocolate!
Divine Chocolate: Delicious AND Empowering

Not only is this chocolate exceptionally crafted and delicious, it is also empowering. Here’s the story: Divine Chocolate is co-owned by the 85,000 farmer members of Kuapa Kokoo, the cooperative in Ghana that supplies the cocoa for each bar of Divine. As owners, they get a share in the profits, a say in the company, and a voice in the global marketplace. Women, in particular, participate in the farming and reap rewards otherwise unavailable to them in this very patriarchal society. So enjoy the chocolate and feel good about making the world just a little bit better.

new product showcase includes these snack bars from Divine Chocolate
The smaller, yet equally delicious, snack bar of chocolate

These smaller chocolate bars are also very delicious, and fit perfectly into a stocking! Just $3.50 each.

Decorating for the holidays is a treasured tradition, and we found some delightful pieces to help add to your home or office. Here’s Shari unpacking these little treasures.

new product showcase - here's Shari unpacking some adorable clay santas and snow people.
Shari carefully unpacks these adorable Santas and Snow People

Carefully constructed of hand-built clay, then hand-painted and fired, this lovely collection of Santas and Snow People will put a smile on your face. Already these are now gifts for employees of at least two employers, and adorn the mantle of several of your homes and table tops. 

new product showcase includes these santas and snow people by Clayton Dickson.
Santas, Snow People, and even a Snowman nativity!

See? I bet you’re smiling already. Priced at just $18 – $45, you can find a perfect gift or just the right touch for your home or office.

New product showcase include these spectacular handmade buttons by Lisa Magetteri
Art buttons for your knitters, crocheters and seamstresses

Do you have someone in your life who love to knit, crochet or sew? These people can be difficult to buy for because they tend to be quite creative. Well, have I got the perfect thing for you! Lisa Magetteri carved these luscious designs in wax, and then cast them in brass, bronze and sterling silver. Get a pair of buttons that are unique and gorgeous – an excellent choice for your creative friends. This pair features crows, but we also have a garden set and a dragonfly set. Stop by to check it out!

New Product Showcase: Quirky Stuff

Got a sense of humor? Got someone who is slightly, or maybe totally, irreverent on your list? Look no further for the perfect gift. It’s even functional! Choose a Bitch Bag!

new product showcase includes these bitch bags by Twisted Wares
Just two of several “Bitch Bags” by Twisted Wares

All Bitch Bags are fully vinyl lined (because sometimes things get messy). They are a nice size for fitting all kinds of Bitch needs and measure about 10.5” x 7.5” with gusseted bottom. A strong zipper enclosure keeps it all inside. Just $18 each.

Mark Your Calendar: First Dibs

new product showcase can be enjoyed on First Dibs night, Thursday December 6, 2018

Long-time residents of Edmonds might remember the festive party night opening up the holiday season called First Dibs. Downtown Edmonds merchants would have special food and drinks and showcase all the newest holiday merchandise in a party atmosphere. Well, I’m thrilled to let you know we’re doing it again after several years hiatus! Please join us next Thursday, December 6, from 5 – 8pm to get your holiday shopping off to a great start in a festive environment in downtown Edmonds. Click here to see who’s participating and what they’re offering that night.

Come Celebrate 18 Years!

We opened a tiny little space in downtown Edmonds in November, 2000. 18 years ago, we started with only jewelry! Over the years, we grew to include paintings and sculpture. Then, when the recession hit and those items slowed to a stand-still, we ventured out into clothing and gifts.

Happily, that was the right decision, because here we are, 18 years later!

18 years in Edmonds for MaJe Gallery. Come celebrate with us!

Please join us in celebration! Here are the details:

  • Date: Sunday, November 11
  • Time: noon – 4pm
  • Place: MaJe Gallery, 409 Main Street, Edmonds WA
  • Win Prizes!
  • Delight in savings!
  • Enjoy treats including Manya’s famous mulled wine!

Hope to see you there!


Happy Birthday, Manya!

Happy birthday, Manya! Today is my birthday! I’m 56 now, believe it or not. (Jeff says I look 26. Who am I to disagree?) That means I was born in 1962, the same year as the Seattle World’s Fair. My first ride up the Space Needle was in the womb! It was the beginning of the Cuban Missile Crisis. And Flea was born this day too. (Who’s Flea? The bassist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, of course).

My dear illustrator husband, Jeff, created a caricature of me to celebrate – complete with awesome jewelry!

Jeff treats me to various versions of the birthday song all week long, too. Here’s Jeff singing my favorite version, an old-time country version that always causes me to dissolve into giggle fits. I hope you giggle a bit too!

To celebrate my birthday this year, I want to give YOU a gift! This week, all the way until closing time on Saturday, October 20 at 5pm, you get to save 10% on your entire purchase! But, there’s a CATCH! I don’t want just anyone to take advantage of this savings. Only YOU! So, there’s a password phrase: “I heard that you like Thai Mussels.” Just say that to me when you’re ready to check out, and voila! Without a word spoken between us other than Thai Mussels, you’ll see 10% less on your receipt!

Why Thai Mussels you might ask? Well, the reason is simple. It’s one of my favorite dishes, and I’ll be enjoying it as one of my birthday dinners this week!

If you wish to give me a gift, the best gift I could receive is a 5-star review! Even better, if you have a little story or experience you’d like to share, it would totally make my day.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Facebook reviews post here. Look for the “reviews” link on the left bar, third or fourth button down.
  • Yelp reviews post here.

Thank you so much!

Wrap Yourself Up In Our New Tops and Scarves

It is so much fun to discover new artists and designers! This week, I am so pleased to share not just one, but two new designers who will help wrap yourself up in their new tops and scarves. And naturally, both designers meet our Easy Elegance criteria!

Wrap Yourself Up in Parsley & Sage

Here’s what this company says about itself: “For a woman to feel elegant and individually express herself through her selection of clothing is synonymous with personal style. Each and every piece of Parsley & Sage clothing is made like old fashioned tailoring. It is not a mass produced item. Know with confidence that no two pieces will be exactly the same.

If that doesn’t sum up the Maje Way, I don’t know what does. Check it out!

wrap yourself up in this funky new top from Parsley & Sage in navy with warm accents, the Jenna.
The Jenna cowl tunic

Parsley & Sage is our newest designer for tops and jackets. This first one, the Jenna, features 3/4 sleeves and a tunic length which makes it perfect to wear over your skinny jeans or leggings. The navy background pairs perfectly with denim, and the warm accent colors cheer things up for fall. Made of rayon jersey, it is machine washable and super comfy.

The Vera button-up tunic

Our second piece from Parsley & Sage is the Vera tunic, which can be worn as a blouse or a jacket when unbuttoned. We also have a coordinating tank that looks fantastic underneath it in the same fabric. With some crinkle built right into the fabric, you don’t have to think of ironing it. 3/4 sleeves and tunic length make this perfect to wear over black skinny jeans or leggings. Its 100% polyester and thus good to machine wash and dry. A super nifty metal insert in the collar lets you have fun wearing it several different ways.

Wrap yourself up in this funky reversible cardigan from Parsley & Sage.
Funky Reversible Cardigan

Our final new item from Parsley & Sage is this funky reversible cardigan which features black and white stripes on one side, and heather gray on the other. Exposed seams are a great look these days, and very artistic. It’s one jacket with two ways to wear it, which makes it perfect for travel. It’s also lightweight and roomy. In fact, it’s so roomy you might choose one size smaller than normal for best fit. Made of a soft rayon/poly knit blend, it’s machine washable.

Wrap Yourself Up in Gorgeous Scarves by Carlo Scanagatta

The second wonderful artisan I get to introduce to you this week is Carlo Scanagatta. Here’s their story: “Ours is a story that transcends both time & place. The Scanagatta legacy begins high in the Dolomite mountains of Italy, where designer Carlo Scanagatta was born into a long line of artisans, artists and entrepreneurs. Ingenuity, beauty, imagination, and attention to detail are the gifts that he learned; the brilliance of his designs is his alone. Love brought Carlo to Seattle, where Scanagatta Designs grew to be a family affair driven by his wife Nancy Medwell, and made real by their daughter Elena and Tessitura Alberto Albertazzi, the historic textile mill in Como, Italy where three generations of artisan Albertazzi women bring the Scanagatta designs to life in wearable, joy-filled form, one handmade piece at a time. Ours is a legacy of love. Welcome to the family.

Wrap yourself up in these luxurious scarves by Carlo Scanatta.
Two cashmere blend scarves measuring 56×56″ square

You have to stop by to feel the luxurious quality of these beauties. These two are both a cashmere blend of very light weight fabric with the most incredible drape. They are both 56″ x 56″ square and thus offer a plethora of ways to wear them as scarf, shawl or sarong. On the left is “botti in ballo” which translates to “Dancing barrels.” In neutral tones of charcoal, tan, ivory and ocean blue, there are dancing figures all across the scarf expressing joy and happiness. On the right is “Piazza Grande” with sumptuous colors or coral, turquoise, green and black. 

Wrap yourself up in these luxurious rectangle scarves by Carlo Scanagatta
Two rectangle scarves by Carlo Scanagatta

If you prefer a scarf with a rectangle shape, then we’ve got you covered. On the left is the cashmere blend called “Symmetry 15″, inspired by an orchid bloom. The cream/blue/tan color palette is simply delicious. It measures 28″ x 80”. On the right is “Notturna”, a 100″ silk twill measuring 76″ x 19″. The rich hues of orange, blue, purple and black are woven in a mesmerizing pattern.

I’m planning a gathering to see the entire collection of Carlo Scanagatta scarves. If you’d like an invitation, please let me know. It will be in early December, so a great time for thinking of gifts.

Stay warm and dry!

Fall Colors Spice Up Your Wardrobe

Warm gold, red, and orange cheer up the dreary skies of fall in the northwest. Some of you enjoy wearing those colors all year round! We’ve got a special treat for you this week – fall colors spice up your wardrobe!

fall colors spice up your wardrobe like this great combo from Testimony Los Angeles. The Leona jacket in sienna paired with the famous pocket pants in chocolate brown.
The Leona jacket in “sienna”, with chocolate brown pocket pants

The soft french terry fabric used by Testimony Los Angeles is designed to flatter the figure while maximizing comfort. The Leona jacket ($189) is a stylish, elegant jacket complete with long sleeves, pockets and a single button closure. For fall, it is available in this delectable sienna, a vivid burnt orange hue. Happily, it pairs spectacularly with the popular pocket pants in fall’s chocolate brown mineral wash (purchase below). All are machine washable and wrinkle resistant making them an excellent choice for travel.

fall colors spice up your wardrobe like the ever-popular pocket pants by Testimony Los Angeles in a mineral wash chocolate brown.
The popular pocket pants in chocolate brown

Here’s a close-up of the mineral wash chocolate brown pocket pants. These pants look like jeans, but are pull-ups! No bulky zipper and snap to interfere with your tops. If you haven’t tried these on yet, now is the time. Manya got her first pair at least 8 years ago, and she still wears them today. You’ll get top value for the price with these great jeans. $125.

Accessorizing Your Fall Colors

fall colors spice up your wardrobe by adding a unique scarf that combines both the color of the jacket and the pants. Testimony Los Angeles
Accessories with a scarf that combines both colors

Add this one-of-a-kind scarf by Susie Howell because it combines both chocolate brown with sienna to create a smashing outfit. Susie finds amazing fabrics that she cuts on the bias, and then sews together for a beautiful collage art scarf. This particular one is perfect for the colors in the jacket and pants! $89.

fall colors spice up your wardrobe with chocolate brown pocket pants by Testimony Los Angeles and a cinnabar cotton tee by Necessitees.
Simple, yet elegant style

Pair the chocolate pocket pants with a cotton tee shirt in “cinnabar,” and then add Susie’s one-of-a-kind scarf (available to purchase above) to bring it all together. This is another excellent combination for those of you who look best in fall colors and reflects a simple, yet elegant style.

Be Bold and Play With Fall Colors

fall colors spice up your wardrobe play with colors in the Testimony Los Angeles Leona jacket, black pocket pants and colorful tops.
Go Bold!

For a particularly striking effect with your sienna jacket, go for the opposite colors on the wheel like a teal or purple top worn over black pants. In this case, the black pants are the ever-popular pocket pants, also by Testimony Los Angeles. The teal top is a bamboo tee from Angelrox while the purple tee is cotton from Necessitees. All currently available at MaJe Gallery. Come in and try some things on!

Fall Colors Jewelry Adds More Spice

fall colors spice up your wardrobe or just add a splash with a leaf and apatite pendant by Jem's Jewelry's Mary Freiberger
Enameled leaf with apatite

Seattle’s Mary Freiberger delivered a perfect collection of fall pendants to accessorize your fall wardrobe. A unique enameled leaf features a faceted apatite nestled in the center. Each is on an 18″ gold fill chain with a safety clasp. Choose your favorite combo knowing no two are alike. $65.

fall colors spice up your wardrobe with two leaf and gem pendants by Jem's Jewelry
Enameled leaf with amethyst or carnelian

Two more choices from Mary Freiberger, but this time the enameled leaf nestles a purple amethyst or an orange carnelian. Choose either striking contrast or smooth cohabitation because you deserve it. $65.

Enjoy more delightful jewelry options by checking out our page devoted to Shari Both Jewelry Design!

Are you struggling to make your wardrobe work? Sometimes it only takes one or two basic additions to make it all meld again and feel fresh. Stop by and chat with Manya to figure out how to update your wardrobe without changing it all out for new.

Seahawks Sweaters, Black Cats, and Tiny Jewelry

seahawks, black cats, and tiny jewelry - enjoy these lovely Seahawk sweaters by Kirkland's Tribute company in throwback colors

What do Seahawks sweaters, black cats, and tiny jewelry have in common? All three can now be found at MaJe Gallery, that’s what! Now that fall is here, football and black cats are taking over the airwaves. You can participate in the games in some fun ways. Check it out.

Enjoy these lovely Seahawk sweaters by Kirkland's Tribute company in throwback colors
Seahawks sweaters in throwback colors

Since I prefer the throwback colors to the current ones, I chose these two options to bring into MaJe Gallery this season. Made by Kirkland company Tribute, these are already flying out the door. Since they are unisex, the sizing is generous so choose accordingly. At the moment, only one medium is left in the white, while small, large and XL are still available in the blue. The good news is I can order more – as long as they remain available at the company, though! She told me they are close to selling out of certain styles. Get yours online if I have it listed here (just $99). If not, let me know and I’ll add you to my growing list of people to get particular ones for.

Want a different number? You can also get #3 (Russell Wilson), #76 (year established) or #80 (Steve Largent). Call (425-776-3778) or email me with your size, color and number!

We Love Black Cats!

Black cat imagery is popping up everywhere as Halloween approaches. But black cats are popular all year-round here at MaJe Gallery. I know many of you have your very own black cat because we always sell out of our black cat items quickly. Check out these fun new jewelry items!

seahawks sweaters need black cat earrings in both dangly and post style are adorable
Black Cat Earrings as danglies or a post.

Wear a black cat on your ears with two great choices. A dangly version has a sinister-looking black cat in front of a crescent moon. The post features an adorable black kitten with glowing eyes. They look blue here, but the ones I have are green eyes. Just $10 for the danglies and $4.99 for the posts.

seahawks sweaters look great with this black cat ear wrap!
Black cat ear wrap

You know how cats love to wrap around things, so wrap one around your ear! These are single earrings rather than a pair, so put one of these in one ear and one of the above in the other! This lovely piece is just $4.99.

Tiny Jewelry is all the rage

Look around at the women you see on your daily routine, whether the grocery store, the office, the coffee shop or on TV, and you’ll notice a new trend that favors tiny jewelry. Seattle’s Mary Freiberger just delivered a great collection of tiny pendants on delicate chains for those of you having fun with this.

seahawks sweaters look best accessorized with tiny jewelry. Choose from one of these five tiny pendants on delicate chains by Seattle's Jem's Jewelry
Tiny pendants on delicate chains

Wear it all by itself, or let it be the shortest necklace in a layered group. Each chain measures 18″ long. From left to right we have a tiny sterling circle, an amazonite dagger, seafoam chalcedony faceted teardrop, a lapis dagger, and a tiny faceted turquoise circle. 

Stay tuned as we introduce a great new line to you next week!

Three Fall Tops To Savor

Three fall tops like this black, gray and white striped tunic from Dairi

The weather is cooling down, leaves are starting to turn, and fall clothing is arriving at MaJe Gallery! This week, I have three fall tops for you to savor. Add your favorite one to your wardrobe and embrace fall with flair!

three fall tops like this green top from Color Me Cotton
Green Top from Color Me Cotton

Skies may be dreary, but you don’t have to be. The first of our three fall tops is a lovely green shade called “rye grass”. This fabric is a perfect weight for fall because it’s neither too heavy nor too light so it will keep you comfortable in changing temperatures. The sassy style flatters your figure with a slimming effect while draping gracefully at the hips. Machine washable and great for travel. Just $94 and (for now) available in sizes XS – XXL.

three fall tops like this red rock cowl top from Color Me Cotton
Red Rock Cowl Top from Color Me Cotton

“Red Rock” is a perfect fall red as it leans a tad toward brown. Some of our maple trees will be turning this color in a few weeks! This is the second of our three fall tops. Once again, it is an excellent transition weight that’s neither too heavy nor too light. 3/4 sleeves look great on everyone, while the empire waist hides love handles. The tunic length pairs best with black leggings or skinny jeans. Consider our bamboo leggings as a wardrobe staple! This top is also $94 and selling fast.

Three fall tops like this black, gray and white striped tunic from Dairi
Black, Gray and white striped tunic

The last of our three falls top is an elegant, hand-woven cotton/rayon blend tunic from Dairi. The cowl neckline offers a lovely drape while the collaged stripes, solids and textures provide great interest both front and back. Solid black sleeves are 3/4 length and wide. This is a one-size-fits-most top. Because of the excellent draping quality, it truly works well on sizes 4 – 16. Just two in stock at $140.

Meet the Mighty Hair Clip

Three fall tops need great hair accessories like the Might Hair Clip
Meet the Mighty Hair Clip!

Meet the mighty hair clip in both small and large sizes. This unique clip lies flat against the scalp, unlike the typical clip that stands out. And what a grip it has, too! Currently available in many colors and styles, get one for yourself for just $16 (small) or $20 (large). You’ll use it for years to come.

I invite you to join us next week to view some of our newest jewelry arrivals!

Easy Elegance Beyond Basic Black

Basic black is easy, elegant, and doesn’t require much thought. Today I challenge you to add just a bit of thought to shift your look to the next level. Easy elegance beyond basic black is both fun and practical! Start with your favorite black pants. They can be leggings, jeggings, trousers, jeans, whatever you want. 

Easy Elegance beyond basic black starts with your favorite bottom half.

Next comes your favorite black top. For our purposes today, make it a snug top that feels comfortable to wear. We’re going to add layers, so this first layer mustn’t be flowy or voluminous in order to have what we do next work effectively. Depending on the season, it can be a tank top or have long sleeves or be something in between.

Easy Elegance – the Shirt-Jacket

The first item up for examination is the shirt-jacket. This is one of those button up shirts that can be worn as either a blouse or a jacket, depending on your mood. We have several options right now at MaJe Gallery and they range from classical elegance to bohemian flair.

Easy Elegance beyond basic black incorporates classical choices like the stripe/dot combo from Marla Duran
Marla Duran’s stripes and dots shirt-jacket

Pennsylvania’s Marla Duran uses top-grade woven rayon fabric to create her artisan classical blouses. Impeccably tailored, her pieces drape beautifully, flattering the figure while maintaining a distinctively structured shape with a straight hem. Wear it closed for a more professional look, or unbutton it over a simple black or ivory top to take it immediately to a casual occasion. This top is available in sizes M and L for $198.

Easy Elegance beyond basic black makes a blouse also a jacket by Marla Duran
Tunic blouse by Marla Duran

Here’s a second look from Marla Duran, this time a bit longer for a tunic length blouse-jacket in her fabulous woven rayon fabric. Her unique approach to button with an appliqued overpiece for contrast makes a big statement. Wear it as a blouse to make a classic, professional statement. Open it up like a jacket over a black, blue or white top to bring it down to a casual level that still keeps everything a class act. This top is one-of-a-kind in size Large for $275.

Easy Elegance beyond basic black pairs a big periwinkle shirt from Color Me Cotton over it all.
The Big Shirt from Color Me Cotton

If your style is more bohemian and flowy, you’ll like the Big Shirt from Color Me Cotton in this lovely periwinkle. The loose fit makes movement a breeze whether open or closed. The light weight fabric makes it an excellent travel choice. Wear it closed with an awesome scarf like this cut velvet one by Birgit Moening. Or just let it be an open jacket for an elegant casual look. Just $98. One left in medium.

Easy Elegance – The Cardigan

As our evenings and mornings get chillier, it’s time to drag out the light wraps and cardigans from the back of the closet. Here are some colorful choices to add a bit of spice to your fall wardrobe.

Easy Elegance beyond basic black by adding an ultraviolet cardigan by Color Me Cotton
A long cardigan in Ultra Violet

A bright color creates vivid contrast when worn over basic black as you can see for yourself in this cotton ultraviolet cardigan by Color Me Cotton. It’s a light cotton that’s perfect for our chilly mornings and evenings that won’t weigh you down the rest of the day. I have one in each size from XS to XXL except for medium, and it’s just $98 too. Machine washable and superb for travel.

Shawl collar jacket in “Berry”

Perhaps a brighter pink is your preference. In that case, you’ll like this more tailored and slightly heavier weight cotton jacket with a shawl collar. Made in California by Necessitees, it’s 100% cotton knit, machine washable, and fun. Wear it to the office, to a party, out on the town with the girls, or on a date. 

Easy Elegance beyond basic black by adding a funky bamboo cardigan in teal by Angelrox.
Teal Short Cardigan from Angelrox

Do you like your clothing less structured? Then you’ll appreciate the short cardigan in “lagoon”, a rich teal, by Angelrox. Raw edges, thumb holes, and nice pockets make this both good looking and versatile. Machine washable, great for travel, appropriate for certain workplaces, and perfect for looking great while shopping, having lunch with pals, or going out on a date. Also available in 40 other colors for just $158.

And now, for something completely different…

Labor Day approacheth! And as usual, downtown Edmonds is celebrating with a big sidewalk sale all through town. MaJe Gallery is participating, with a number of great items to offer.

  • the 50% off rack featuring all remaining summer clothing, getting lower with each passing day.
  • Saturday’s SUPER RACK where everything is just $25.
  • Sunday’s SUPER RACK where everything is just $18.
  • Monday’s SUPER RACK where everything is just $10!
  • A chocolate truffle gift for all purchases over $50.


Saturday 11 – 5, Sunday noon – 4, Monday 11 -3

Hope to see you this weekend!