Hearts Abound

Valentine’s Day is approaching!  We are ready with an assortment of great gifts for your perusal – many with hearts.

You can even purchase them online, right here!

Oil/Vinegar dispensers with dichroic glass hearts
Oil/Vinegar dispensers with dichroic glass hearts


These charming bottles hold your favorite oils or your favorite vinegar.  Some even use them for their dish soap! The lavender one has sold already, but the red and clear one are still available.

Let’s keep with the food topic and turn to wine!

Stemless wine glasses with hearts
Stemless wine glasses with hearts


Get an extra nice bottle of wine, and pour it out into these charming stemless wine glasses that feature a unique dichroic glass heart “charm”.  These glasses work well for both red and white wine.  More styles available in the gallery.

Fused glass "heart" candle shields
Fused glass “heart” candle shields


A little ambience is always nice too. Drink your special wine from the heart-charmed wine glasses, then light the candle behind one of these fused glass candle shields.  Each comes complete with a steel platform upon which sits a glass votive cup.  When lit, the flame glows through the translucent glass creating a magical glow in the room.

Heart sun catcher
Heart sun catcher

Let your heart catch the sun all year round with this sun catcher of red and dichroic glass.  The triple dangle tail just adds to the magic.

"Choose It All", original acrylic on canvas by Julie Terrell
“Choose It All”, original acrylic on canvas by Julie Terrell

This is an original acrylic painting on canvas – not a reproduction.  Julie Terrell is described as “relentlessly optimistic”, and her vibrant paintings with words are very popular – for obvious reasons.But what Valentine’s Day would be complete without jewelry?

Glass heart earrings by Jem's Jewelry
Glass heart earrings by Jem’s Jewelry

Valentine’s Day is simply not complete without jewelry.  These simple yet charming red glass heart earrings by Seattle’s Jem’s Jewelry are the perfect option!

Paper Flower Bouquets
Paper Flower Bouquets


Paper flower bouquets are a clever alternative to the traditional dozen roses.  And the best part? These will never die!  Place them in your favorite vase at home!

These and more “loving” gifts await your fancy at MaJe Gallery.  Stop by to see it all and find the perfect gift for your mate!

Happy 2016!

Aluminum and glass "Welcome" wreath for a happy day
Aluminum and glass “Welcome” wreath

Welcome to 2016!  This is sure to be a wonderful year for all of us, especially when we think in terms of the happy colors and thoughts found in this aluminum and glass wreath.  Made in Washington by Celeste, it measures 16″ diameter.

Exquisite umbalite garnet ring for a happy birthday girl
Rare Umbalite Garnet faceted by Bill Booze and set in 14k yellow gold

This stunning umbalite garnet is quite rare – not only is it rare to find one this color (a vibrant rosy fuschia), but it is also rare to find one this large.  Our master faceter, Bill Booze, added his magic to bring out the most incredible sparkle and beauty from this stone.  Even if you’re not into garnets, stop by to see this beauty for yourself, and learn something new!

A perfect gift for a special January birthday girl, since garnets are the birthstone for January.



Happy New Year!

A very big thanks to each and every one of you who helped make 2015 one of our best.  We pledge to keep you looking stylish and comfortable in 2016 as well.  And don’t forget, we have the best gift selection in town!

Holiday Hours:  Thursday, 12/31:  11am – 3pm

Friday – 1/1:  CLOSED

Back in action with normal hours beginning Saturday, January 2.

Check out some of the awesome looks you can get now!

Crimson Jacket by Testimony
Crimson Jacket by Testimony
Aqua Shimmer Shawl by Caron Miller
Aqua Shimmer Shawl by Caron Miller
Blue Topaz ring in silver
Blue Topaz ring in silver

Visit our Shoptiques boutique to buy online!

Happy Boxing Day!

It’s December 26th, the day after Christmas.  In British Commonwealth countries, it is the day when servants and tradesmen would receive gifts, known as a “Christmas box”, from their masters, employers or customers.  Thus, it is known as Boxing Day.

For those of us at MaJe Gallery, we have typically taken this day off to rest a bit more after the super busy selling season.  However, this year it falls on a Saturday, so here we are at the gallery, having fun with visiting family members who are out meandering about downtown Edmonds today.

We’ll be here until 4pm, so if you are bringing your family downtown, please stop by to introduce them and say hello!


Five Tips For Holiday Decor

Decorating for the holidays can be a lot of fun, especially when you have beautiful things to put out and enjoy.  Our artisans have been hard at work creating lovely things.  Here are five ideas.

Glass decorations for the holidays

Two different artists are at work here, both working in glass. A self-standing snowman couple enjoy looking at the gifts beneath their tree on this lovely fused glass art work by Bellingham’s Heidi VanderWerff.  Just $79.95.  Three art glass trees in varying sizes are made of clear glass, with edges smoothed out both for safety and it also creates a frosted effect.  Nice and sturdy, these actually come in 5 sizes – $18 – $68.

Fused glass holly tray by Linda Covey

Place your Christmas cookies or cheese and crackers on this lovely fused glass tray by Renton’s Linda Covey.  13″ x 8″ and $60.

Fused glass snowman plate

And how about this one?  Adorable or what?  Sparkly fused glass with a bow-tied and top-hatted snowman in the center.  Another perfect dish for cookies or candies, or simply to adorn the coffee table.  Made in Kirkland by Celeste, this one is $32.

Glass and aluminum tree trio

I’m hearing from several customers that they are giving up putting up a real tree now that the kids have moved on.  Instead, they’re getting this fused glass votive tree trio.  Fused glass adorns an aluminum frame, behind which you can find a “shelf” for a votive candle.  The aluminum is open in the back, so when the candle is lit, it glows through the glass is a very charming manner.  Sold separately, these are $18.50, $21.50 and $23.50 respectively.

Group of glass trees

Another choice made by some in lieu of a Christmas tree is this lovely, simple trio.  This features a stack of fused glass in gradually diminishing sizes.  These are nice and sturdy and have rubber feet so as not to mar your table top.  Elegant!  $18 – $68 (5 sizes available in all).

So stop on by and get adorned for the holidays by MaJe artisans!

See you soon!

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Can’t make it in to the gallery to shop?  Never fear!  We have now teamed up with Shoptiques.com where you’ll find our very own online boutique!

We’d love to hear from you about what items you’d like to see online, so don’t hesitate to ask!

Here’s a sampling of items you can find there right now:

Maruca city Girl handbag in blue tones
Maruca City Girl handbag
Fused Glass "cat" ornament
Fused Glass “cat” ornament
Aluminum and glass zig zag Christmas tree ornament
Aluminum and glass zig zag Christmas tree ornament
Handmade necklace/earring set in copper and brass
Handmade necklace/earring set in copper and brass

Enjoy shopping online at MaJe Gallery via Shoptiques.com!  And don’t forget, let us know what else you’d like to see available online….


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