Introducing Amma Design to MaJe Gallery

Amma Design redefines wearable art. Original art is printed directly onto fabric through a sublimation printing process. The result? Stylish, comfortable knit tops in flattering shapes that turn YOU into a work of art. Collected by savvy women the world over. Made in Los Angeles.

New Amma Design top
New Amma Design top on our favorite model

The red, black and ivory color palette is a huge favorite of MaJe customers. This sophisticated pattern is a feast for the eyes. Pair it with black leggings or jeans.  Get yours quick before they sell out!

Here’s a look at both front and back.

Amma Design top - front and back
Amma Design top – front and back


A couple new tops from Florida’s Inside Out also just recently arrived. You may have seen these before, but only if you had good timing. They sold out really fast!  Don’t miss your chance to get them this time.  Made of super comfortable modal fabric, they are machine washable, and great for travel as well as everyday style.

Two new tops from Inside Out - as cute as Amma Design tops
Two new tops from Inside Out


On the left is the black and white striped “Cindy” top, with just a bit of red accenting the design. Sorry! As of 7/22, only Small and Large left. On the right is the “Roma” top in a color they describe as “pear”. Delightful! The medium is gone as of 7/25 for the Roma.

Perfect with your Amma Design top - a rivoli Swarovski ring!
New multi-colored Swarovski crystal rings with adjustable bands

A new collection of Swarovski crystal rings is now here. Featuring very unusual and fascinating multi-colored crystals, these capture everyone’s fancy sparkling with two or three colors depending on how the light hits the facets.

Adjustable bands fit nearly all fingers.  At just $20, why stop at one? Bring a girlfriend in and choose one for each of you!

New card collection by local artist Mary Klump
New card collection by local artist Mary Klump

Snohomish collage artist Mary Klump creates thoughtful collages with paper and ink.  She then reproduces them to make her charming card collection. In addition to birthday cards, we now have retirement, wedding, congratulations and thank you cards to offer you for all occasions.  Just $4 each, too.  Beat that, Hallmark!

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Wedding Gifts To Cherish

MaJe customers resist buying wedding gifts from the bridal registry.  Why? Because it’s too boring and meaningless.  MaJe customers want their gifts to be remembered and cherished for many years to come.

Enjoy our specially curated selection of wedding gifts for the coming onslaught of summer weddings.

Wedding Gifts like this fused glass tray and bowl
Fused glass tray and bowl

Made in Renton by Covey Designs, this fused glass tray and coordinating “leaf” bowl are a perfect example of a unique, functional art gift. The tray measures 11″ x 9.5″. The bowl is 7″ x 4″ and 1.5″ deep – perfect for a dip for whatever’s on the tray.

Wedding Gifts like this fused glass wall vase with copper
Tassled Vase of fused glass with copper

A particularly stunning piece to help decorate the home of the newlyweds is this wall vase. Made in Mill Creek by Charlton Glassworks, the ancient technique of fusing copper between two pieces of glass is what creates the colors and textures. It can hold water and real flowers if you wish, or a simple dried flower arrangement such as is shown here.

Wedding Gifts like this 10" mosaic mirror
10″ mosaic mirror

This gorgeous mosaic mirror was made in Seattle by Angie Heinrich. Angie studied mosaic making with masters in Italy and Spain. She says the biggest lesson she learned from them was craftsmanship.  You’ll notice the excellent finish work on each of Angie’s mirrors – a testament to her lessons learned. Angie’s mirrors come in a wide range of colors and styles. The particular one shown here uses colors present in a wide array of Northwest home decor.

Wedding Gifts like this space needle candle shield
Space Needle Candle Shield

A lower-priced gift that would be both fun as well as cherished is this fused glass candle shield featuring our beloved Space Needle. A combination of translucent and dichroic glass makes this a compelling art piece that has personality both day and night. Made in Kirkland by Celeste Stuhring, this is another wedding gift to cherish.

Wedding Gifts that are fun to use, like this salad set
Beaded Salad Sets – fun and functional


One of our very most popular wedding gifts are these beaded salad sets. Fun and functional, this is a perfect gift because it’s something unique and special that people really enjoy using, but rarely buy for themselves.  Beaded in Seattle by Chantal Trandafir on high quality stainless steel.

Wedding Gifts like this matching pair of wine glasses
A matching pair of wine glasses for the new couple

For a low cost but effective gift, a pair of stemless wine glasses with heart charms is just perfect.  At $15.95 each, this is both fun and light-hearted.  The glass charms are made or opaque and dichroic glass for a bit of sparkle. Many choices of hearts available in store.  Can’t come in? Let me know and I’ll email you pictures of the current selection.

These excellent ideas are awesome for wedding gifts to cherish. And of course, many more ideas can be found in-store as well, so stop by and check it out!

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Jewelry Is Soul Food

“Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but artisan jewelry is soul food,” according to MaJe Gallery owner Manya Vee. “An artist puts many years of design expertise and craftsmanship into each piece she creates, as well as a bit of her own soul. Mass produced jewelry simply can’t come close,” she concludes.

Here is a selection of jewelry currently available at MaJe Gallery.

Sculptural Jewelry by Cheryl Parrott
Sculptural Jewelry by Cheryl Parrott

In this interesting necklace, Edmonds artist Cheryl Parrott sculpts glass leaves, pearls and gems using multiple strands of tiny wires. The raku bird in the center was made by another artist. Even though this necklace is quite simple, it is also a statement piece, sure to elicit compliments and conversation whenever it is worn. Share a moment of beauty with complete strangers! How cool is that? A great example of how jewelry is soul food.  Coordinating earrings also available. Necklace is adjustable: 18″ – 21″.

This coral and sterling necklace is a great example of jewelry is soul food
Coral and Sterling Necklace

Another stunning statement necklace, this one-of-a-kind piece was made in Poulsbo by Poppy Design. Using dyed coral and articulated silver pieces hand-crafted in Taxco, Mexico, Poppy has created the perfect finishing necklace for a simple outfit. Let the jewelry do all the talking! Adjustable 20″ – 22″.

Sparkly dichroic and crystal bracelets show how jewelry is soul food
Sparkly dichroic and crystal bracelets


Bracelets are particularly nice because it’s the jewelry YOU get to enjoy as well. A new collection of bracelets by local artist Celeste Stuhring featuring dichroic glass centerpieces and Swarovski crystals. On memory wire, they are super easy to put on, too. A fun way to experience that jewelry is soul food.  Many more colors and styles in stock, and no two alike.

Sculptural necklace shows how jewelry is soul food
Turquoise flowers and lime green leaves

Another simpler necklace by the artist who made the first necklace on this page, Cheryl Parrott. In this case, she used hand-sculpted polymer clay flowers and paired them with her signature glass leaves, gems and pearls. Using antique bronze wire and chain, her work has a feminine, vintage vibe. This one is adjustable from 16″ – 19″ in length. Coordinating earrings are also available.

Pearls on Sterling Silver chain - jewelry is soul food
Pearls on Sterling Silver Chain


Long-time MaJe artisan Shari Both (and shop maven on Wednesdays!) makes exquisite yet simple jewelry such as this example here.  A single, large white pearl on a sterling chain that features a tiny pearl on one side, about 2″ up.  Coordinating earrings retain the simplicity.  Classics!

gems in 14k gold are the best way to show how jewelry is soul food
Hand-faceted gems in 14k yellow gold


And of course, we all love a gorgeous ring. Here we feature the incredible craftsmanship of our faceting guru, Bill Booze. This art isn’t found in America much anymore, but Bill has been honing his skill for over 30 years. That’s how he gets so much sparkle into each and every stone he facets. This lovely collection is all set in the same style band in 14-karat yellow gold.  From top left, we have a deep, rich amethyst, a AAA-grade iolite, and an intense red garnet. Just let us know the size you need, and we’ll make it happen.

Is your mouth watering yet?  See? I told you jewelry is soul food!

Stop by to see these and many more examples of exquisite artisan jewelry, made by artisans from all over America!

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New Summer Wardrobe Must-Haves

Summer has arrived!  And with it, some positively gorgeous days here in the northwest. Are you ready for the weddings, parties and events that await you this summer? Check out this lovely dress we just got and add it to your summer wardrobe must-haves list.

Summer wardrobe must-haves includes this party dress
Summer Party Dress


Swirling colors in both cool and warm tones make this an excellent choice for everyone. The flowing layers hide all the little extras, too. Lightweight fabric makes it great for travel as well.

This dress easily makes the transition from spring through summer and into fall.  With proper accessories, it could even make a play for winter.

Currently available in sizes small through XXL.

This summer wardrobe must-haves - the perfect T
The Perfectly Flattering T-shirt


On casual days, you still want to look attractive, right? In that case, here’s another one of our summer wardrobe must-haves. This new top from Color Me Cotton is their usual light-weight cotton fabric in a great shade of blue. Perfect over your jeans or tan slacks. 3/4 sleeves cover the arms. This shape is one of their most flattering styles.

Currently available in sizes small through XXL.

Hand-faceted Amethyst set in Sterling Silver
Hand-faceted Amethyst set in Sterling Silver

This gorgeous oval amethyst, faceted by our master, Bill Booze, is truly stunning. The color is rich and intense. The many facets make it sparkle with mesmerizing joy. Set in  wide hammered sterling band, it currently measure about 6 3/4 in size. But never fear! We can resize it to any size you need. Just let us know.

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The Best Travel Wardrobe

Packing light makes life so much easier on vacation. The best travel wardrobe is not only attractive, it is also easy to assemble and care for. Our mix-and-match options from Maine’s Angelrox answer all those questions for you.  Plus, they are so cute you’ll wear them back home too.

First, choose a color palette from over 40 solid and stripe options available. Our examples go for a range of neutral tones.

The best travel wardrobe consists of easy to match coordinates
Coordinated outifts are great for travel

Both photos feature four integrated separates that can be worn multiple ways, letting you create a different look each day with the same basics. Both models are wearing the “playsuit” – leggings with an overskirt that can double as a bodysuit ($98). Layer a blouse over that. Many styles available from tank tops, to cap sleeve, to 3/4 sleeve versions, depending on the temperature of your destination ($50 – $88).

Over that, both models sport different colors of The Wrap (see video below) ($158 – $178). Finally, both have topped it off with a Cardigan ($158), also in different colors.

And voila! The best travel wardrobe can be yours!

The best travel wardrobe consists of easy coordinates
The Playsuit with the Mock Turtleneck

Here’s an unencumbered photo of the “Playsuit”, the leggings with overskirt. Manya’s got two pairs in different colors. Super comfortable and good looking too. This model paired them with a mock turtleneck – great for a vacation destination that might be cool in the evening.

The best travel wardrobe consists of versatile coordinates
Two more ways to wear The Wrap

On the left, the model is wearing The Wrap as a tunic over the “Playsuit.” On the right, it’s a vest, also over the playsuit.

The best travel wardrobe includes versatile pieces
the Wrap as a dress, worn two different ways

The Wrap can be worn so many different ways – you are only limited by your imagination.  Check out the video below to get a few.

In the video, the model is wearing the wrap in white with a small black stripe. Underneath she’s wearing the “Playsuit” in black and a “Ballet Tunic”, also in black.

Remember, this comes in over 40 solids and stripes, offering a wide range of options for the best travel wardrobe. We have swatches for you to see the color best.  Come on by and see the colors, see examples of each item, and play with it a bit!

When you send us a photo of yourself wearing anything from MaJe Gallery on vacation, and save 20% on your next purchase!

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Father’s Day Gifts To Honor Dad

Dads play such a special role in our lives. This is the one day each year we get to take time out of our busy schedules to honor him and all he’s done for us.  It can be tricky to find fun and unusual Father’s Day gifts. Check out our ideas, made by local artists!

Father's Day Gifts like "Fish Stories Told Here"
Fish Stories Told Here

Among our Father’s Day Gifts is this wreath for Dads who like to fish. This colorful “wreath” is made of painted aluminum and fused glass. Aluminum doesn’t rust or tarnish, making it an excellent use for either indoor or outdoor decor. It’s also very light weight. Made in Washington.

Father's Day Gifts for gardeners
Fused Glass veggie markers for Dad’s garden


Is your Dad a gardener, tending to the vegetables carefully planted earlier this spring?  Surprise Dad with these awesome vegetable markers made of fused glass. They are super cool!  Made in Washington.

Father's Day Gifts like the "peas and carrots" night light
The Peas and Carrots Night Light!

Here’s another one of our lovely Father’s Day gifts. Is your Dad always trying to get you to eat your peas and carrots?  Then have some fun with that and get him this fused glass night light.  Made in Washington.

Now it’s time for our fashion interlude, and to alert you to our latest arrival – the faux wrap skirt from Testimony in a favorite color – seafoam!

Faux Wrap Skirt in Seafoam, paired with a salmon tank
Faux Wrap Skirt in Seafoam, paired with a salmon tank


Our newest arrival is this lovely faux wrap skirt in seafoam. Made in Los Angeles by our favorite designer, Testimony, it’s made of French Terry, a luscious combination of cotton and spandex.  What a great summer skirt this is! I paired it here with a salmon tank from Luxe Junkie.

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Welcome New Handbag Artist

Keep Calm and Carry a Great Bag

We are pleased to welcome a new artist to MaJe Gallery – Lorraine Velona of Cambria Court Designs.  Her meticulously crafted handbags are designed by a woman for women. Zippers, pockets, long straps you can adjust to your favorite length – all these things are incorporated into her designs.

Lorraine’s bags are one-of-a-kind, so you must buy it when you see the one you like.  Here’s your chance!

Denim and Linen "Around Town" handbag
Denim and Cotton “Around Town” handbag

This is the first in Lorraine’s “Around Town” series. We have four purses in this style, that you’ll be able to purchase right here.  Each is 9 1/2″ tall x 8″ wide. This handy simple bag holds all your essential items without added bulk. The long handle (approximately 22″) makes it easy to wear as a cross-body, or knot it higher to wear over the shoulder.

The zipper keeps everything inside safe and secure. An open outside pocket is on the reverse side – perfect for easy access to your phone.

This purse is made of denim and a heavy cotton. Perfect to wear with jeans or other soft summer colors.

"Around Town" handbag in natural linen and ivory
“Around Town” handbag in natural linen and ivory

Here’s another “Around Town” handbag in linen and ivory. It has the same measurements and features as all the “Around Town” bags including a secure zipper to the main body of the bag. The wide pocket on the back is as wide as the body of the purse.

"Around Town" handbag in black with golden brown accents
“Around Town” handbag in black with golden brown accents

This “Around Town” handbag is also 9 1/2″ tall x 8″ wide, and includes the same features as the others. The long strap (approximately 22″) makes it possible to wear any way you want. The elegant black linen fabric with heavy cotton accent fabric means you can also use this for special events when all you need is lipstick, a key, and license and a credit card, and maybe your phone.
"Around Town" handbag in black and white
“Around Town” handbag in black and white

Here’s another elegant version of the “Around Town” bag. This time, it’s in black linen with a black and white linen/cotton blend accent fabric. Very chic, and perfect with your Little Black Dress.

The next style we offer is a super versatile bag, The Hipster.  It’s perfect for the woman who likes a smaller bag. It can stylishly carry your wallet, checkbook, phone, keys, lipsticks and a few other essentials without getting overcrowded.  Made with fine fabrics like cotton and linen, the exquisite craftsmanship means The Hipster will work well for you for many years.

A great handbag - the hipster in black linen
The Hipster in Black Linen with Red Print Lining

Here’s a front and back view of The Hipster in black. Here are the features of all Hipsters:

  • Zipper closure on top for security
  • Adjustable wide handle for comfort and personal preference – over the shoulder or cross-body
  • Outer zipped pocket for a secure outer pocket
  • Full length open pocket on one side – perfect for your phone
  • Colorful interior lining makes it easier to find what you want
  • Two interior open pockets to stow the little things
  • 10″ tall x 9″ wide and 1″ deep with a gusset on the bottom of the purse making it easy to fit everything you need
  • Each is individually made in California by master seamstress Lorraine Velona
  • No two alike! So when you see the one you want, grab it!

Here are three other colors currently available in The Hipster:

A great handbag - The Hipster in chocolate brown
Chocolate Brown Hipster, shown front and back

A great handbag - the Hipster in tan
The Hipster in tan, shown front and back

A great handbag - The Hipster in turquoise
The Hipster in a sturdy cotton turquoise

And finally, a super elegant and gorgeous bag, a hobo style bag in black and ivory. This strap is not adjustable, only for over the shoulder wearing.  Here are the features:

  • 13″ wide x 9″ deep
  • Secure zipper closure at top
  • Interior pockets hold your smaller items
  • Non-adjustable shoulder strap is 18″ long
  • Hobo styling makes it hug the body gently
  • Fully lined interior with light fabric to find things easily
A great handbag - The Hobo by Cambria Court Designs
The Hobo, by Cambria Court Designs

The exquisite craftsmanship of this handbag is simply superb. Pair it with all your black outfits for an elegant statement.

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New Summer Finds At MaJe

Summer inspires beach-themed jewelry
Summer means beach! Can’t go to the beach, then wear it!


Summer includes lots of time at the beach. How lucky we are here in Edmonds to have a lovely beach right down the street!  When you can’t be on the beach, you can wear elements of it instead.  These pendants, featuring a turtle and a starfish, were made by Judy Thompson, right here in Edmonds too.  Matching earrings available too!

Summer often means a journey
Things to remember on your life journey

If a journey is on your list this summer, here is a lovely, brand new painting by Julie Terrell that is full of excellent advice.  Keep these lovely things in mind as you travel, and as your journey through life.

Jewelry for your summer adventures
Jewelry for your summer adventures!

Summer jewelry often has a softer palette, such as this soft pink morganite. Look at all those facets! It is super sparkly. That’s the touch of our master, Bill Booze, who’s magic touch with faceting creates the most wonderful sparkle in all his gemstones. While this particular beauty found a home in mid-June, we have lots of other colored gemstones by Bill Booze for you to enjoy.  Stop by and have a look!

Summer tank dress for versatility and comfort
A versatile summer tank dress can be dressed up or down, and you remain oh so comfortable


A simple, long, black tank dress is something you can wear almost daily this summer. You can change the look by adding a scarf, or a different piece of jewelry. Wear it with flip flops. Pair it with strappy sandals and a lovely shawl for those special summer events.  It’s a perfect travel piece.

Then, when winter approaches, put a big cozy sweater over it with your favorite black boots, and presto!  You’re ready to go.

Got Grads?

Tis the season! Graduation is upon us and many of us have got grads to find gifts for.  If you are among those who want to give something more meaningful than simply money, then look no further!

Contemorary heirloom jewelry like this swing necklace by Ed Levin is a great gift for grads
Contemporary heirloom jewelry by Ed Levin

New York’s Ed Levin Jewelry makes contemporary heirloom pieces. This sweet, simple necklace can be worn two ways (see the photo above). The quality is exquisite.  Simple enough to wear casually, this can also be worn in professional settings or with the finest evening wear.

Graduation is an excellent time to give such gifts.  Something she’ll keep the rest of her life.

A simple pearl on a sterling chain with matching earrings for your grads
Pearl necklace set by Shari Both Jewelry

Continuing with the contemporary heirloom jewelry theme, this simple pearl necklace goes modern with a single smaller pearl embedded in the chain a couple inches up from the larger pearl. Coordinating earrings also available.  Sterling silver with magnetic clasp.  Made right here in Seattle by Shari Both Jewelry.

"Journey" charm necklace for grads
“Journey” necklace by Impulse Jewelry
When you’ve got grads in your life, you know they are embarking on a new adventure now. Capture your hopes and sentiments for their journey with this charm set. The sterling charm says “journey” on both sides. It is accented with a carnelian (for power and protection), an iolite (for vision) and a pearl (to carry yourself through life with dignity). Don’t you agree that these are wonderful things to share with your grad? (Sorry this piece has sold.)


Seattle-themed wall clock for your grads
Seattle-themed wall clock

Are your grads going far away to college or for a new job? Give him or her this light weight and fun clock, chock full of all the things we love most about Seattle. It will be a terrific reminder of home and those remaining behind who love them and wish them the best.

Wishes for great adventure for your grads
Original painting by Julie Terrell

All grads are embarking on the great adventure of life.  This original acrylic painting captures all the things you could hope to express for the journey.  It’s only 8″ x 10″, so it doesn’t take up much room. No glass cover to break. No frame to take up more room. Ready to hang just like you see here.

The "Pride and Prejudice" bouquet is a great gift for your English major grads
The “Pride and Prejudice” bouquet


Is your grad perchance an English major?  Then indeed we have the most wonderful gift you can imagine.  The flower bouquet shown here was made using the pages of a well-loved classic novel, Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.  Within each blossom, the artist planted hints about the book so the well-read person will know immediately.  So clever!

These and more wonderful gifts can be found at MaJe Gallery. Stop by to see our entire collection of carefully curated finds from artisans all over the country.  These are definitely things you won’t find at the mall.

Hope to see you soon!

New Arrivals of Jewelry, Clothing and Art at MaJe

Every week brings new arrivals of treasures to find at MaJe Gallery.  This week’s treasures include a lovely new jewelry collection from the eclectic Poulsbo artist, Poppy.  Poppy is constantly on the lookout for unusual components to include in her work, from vintage finds to Taxco silver to delectable pearls and gems. She never makes two pieces the same.

If you’re a fan of the Sundance catalog, then two of her current pieces might be of special interest to you.  Unlike the Sundance catalog, no one else will ever have these!

4-wrap necklace and 4-strand bracelet by Poppy is among our new arrivals this week
4-wrap necklace and 4-strand bracelet by Poppy


On the left, variously shaped white pearls mix with a whole variety of sterling silver chains.  It’s long enough to wear doubled, tripled, or quadrupled as shown here.  The neutral tones go with just about anything.  This is most definitely not your mother’s pearls.

On the right, a four-strand bracelet features one row of labradorite rondelles. A cable chain is adorned with a pair of amber beads, while another chain features a coin-shaped picture jasper bead.  The fourth row has blue coral ovals captured between oval sterling chain links.  The toggle clasp makes it adjustable for 7.25″ – 8.25″.  Alas, this found a home on June 11, 2016.

After The Rain II, by Julie Gangler, one of the new arrivals this week
After The Rain II, by Julie Gangler

Local artist Julie Gangler loves to incorporate color and texture into her paintings.  Among our new arrivals is her latest one, After The Rain II, is oil on board. Julie used a small palette knife to add texture to different areas, making the visual impact quite compelling.  It’s so yummy you can almost smell that unique smell that comes after a recent rainfall in a meadow.

Summer blues and soft white is a favorite of our new arrivals.
Summer blues and soft white


Perhaps our favorite of the new arrivals is a new collection of delightful skirts by our favorite skirt-maker, Marcia Bloom, just arrived.  These are all cotton, and each features a pocket!  Most of the pockets have a bit of vintage handkerchief appliqued onto the surface.

The soft blues and whites in this skirt make it the perfect skirt for your summer explorations.  I paired it with a Luxe Junkie tank top in “sea”, and the ivory bolero by Testimony. When ordering the bolero, be sure to note your size.  At the moment, I only have XS, L and XL in stock.  I can definitely order other sizes.  Just let me know!

Five more cotton skirts await your fancy!  Stop by to check them out.  They are simply to die for.

Beautify Your Life