Give Your Heart To Mom This Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, you might like a few creative ideas about what to get your mom this year that best captures your feelings.

"The Gift" by Julie Terrell, original acrylic painting

“The Gift” by Julie Terrell

This is an original acrylic painting by our relentlessly optimistic artist, Julie Terrell.  It has a wonderful message to express the gift your mom imparted to you: “The gift in life is that each day our heart blooms a bit more with each new dream, hope and love.” An excellent sentiment to celebrate Mother’s Day.

A lovely message on a 12″ x 12″ canvas. It’s painted on the sides, too, so no framing necessary.  Ready to hang.

Blown Glass Heart Ornament made in Seattle by Glass Eye Studio
Blown Glass Heart Ornament

This colorful heart ornament was made in Seattle at the Glass Eye Studio. If your mom loves colorful things, and brought lots of variety into your life, then choose this as a way to celebrate that.  Give your heart to mom this Mother’s Day!

Pleated, hand-painted silk scarf/shawl
Pleated, hand-painted silk scarf/shawl

Is your mom’s favorite color turquoise?  It’s the favorite of many a northwestern mom.  This versatile version can be worn as a shawl, as you see here. It’s also great as a scarf. Hand-painted in Sequim by Birgit Moenig. It’s a great way to show mom you pay attention to her favorite things. That in itself is a lovely gift for her this Mother’s Day.

Scarf rack full of Birgit Scarves
Scarf rack full of Birgit Scarves

Need a different color?  A different style?  Never fear!  Birgit just stopped by and filled us up with a great variety of colors and styles.  All are $38- $48.  All are hand-painted silk.  All are hand-washable. Stop by to see them all and select the perfect one for your mom.

In the meantime, keep up with all our latest finds on our facebook page!

Seafoam Chalcedony For Harmony

Chalcedony is found world-wide and in a variety of colors. Chalcedony is said to bring harmony as well as to ward away negative energy.

We just received a lovely collection from Seattle’s Mary Freiberger including these four pendants. The seafoam color looks pretty on all skin tones.

Chalcedony pendants by Seattle's Mary Freiberger
Chalcedony Pendants


Whether faceted, like the one on the far left, or set in a bezel as a smooth cabochon like the other three, the beautiful glow in these stones are simply lovely.

Each is on an 18″ gold-over-brass chain. The two larger stones are enhanced with a pearl and a charm, which the smaller pieces have the single leaf charm.

Cape Blouse in Seafoam by Testimony Los Angeles
Cape Blouse in Seafoam


Here’s a perfect blouse for your new pendant. It’s the cape blouse from Testimony Los Angeles. This top can also be worn as a short dress by extending the inner sheath to its fullest length. The over-blouse is attached, and is very flattering as it hides all the little rolls you are striving to get rid of after our rainy winter.

Be sure to stop by to check out our other spring offerings soon!

Great Summer Hats

We just got a shipment of hats from Parkhurst. There are some lovely ones in here too! They are great for every day to enhance your personality. They are also wonderful for travel. Most are crushable or simply flatten down.

Another great benefit of these hats is they are very soft inside, making them an excellent choice for those experiencing hair loss from chemo or another medical condition.  They offer full coverage of your head and are stylish to boot.

This soft woven cloche style hat is shown here in indigo. Hats for hair loss
This soft woven cloche style hat is shown here in indigo


This is the Rustic Wave Cloche, shown here in indigo.  It sits low on the head and is a very classy look.  The cloche style gained a big following in the 20s. Wear it with jeans and a T-shirt and turn your average outfit into something distinctive.

For those experiencing hair loss, this softly woven cotton fabric feels soft against the skin. A bit of spandex keeps it in place. Hats for hair loss are tough to find.  Your search ends here.

Also available in a wonderful red.

Boater style hat in neutral sand with a black band. Hats for hair loss
Boater style hat

For those who prefer more of a brim, we have the Barbara Boater. The neutral sand color makes it extremely versatile. The black band has a small bow that is sewn flat against the side of the hat so it doesn’t stick out.  Very simple and classy.

This is another wonderful choice for those struggling with hair loss. Hats for hair loss are not only hard to find, they are often fairly unattractive.  Not so with Parkhurst hats.

And for travel, it collapses flat, while the plastic edge helps keep the shape of the brim in place.

The Sentinel Peak Hat, an update on the baseball cap style. Shown here in cargo, an olive green. Hats for hair loss
The Sentinel Peak Hat


For a classier update on the simple baseball cap style, check out the Sentinel Peak hat here.  It’s deeper than the traditional baseball cap, so you can wear it down low to cover all of your head.  Or style it like Manya did here, a bit higher up, then jauntily skewed to one side with the excess fabric on top folded over.

The extra wide brim is perfect for keeping the sun out of your eyes.

Yet another wonderful option in the hats for hair loss category.   Very soft against your skin, and pulling it low completely covers your scalp, yet you look very stylish.

Shown here in “cargo”, an olive green, it’s also available in navy blue, sand and black.

A classic, the Biscayne Bowler
A classic, the Biscayne Bowler


The bowler style hat is an age-old classic that never seems to ever really go away.  Why? Because it looks really good on just about everyone. This is a woven polyester hat that is crushable, making it an excellent travel companion.

Shown here in a lovely red, it is also available in black, tan and spring green.

There are several other styles in stock as well. Stop by to check them out and play a bit!

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Newest Arrivals at MaJe

Trio of Fused Glass Nesting Bowls Can Be Used Separately Too
Trio of Fused Glass Nesting Bowls Can Be Used Separately Too

One of our favorites in the newest arrivals this week is this fused glass in a “driftwood” pattern is accented with slate blue for the perfect Northwest table top accents.  The bottom tray is a 11.5″ x 9’5″ rectangular shape. Above that is another rectangle measuring 9.5″ x 5.5″.  The 2″ deep bowl on top is 5.5″ wide.  Each piece is also available separately, if you prefer that.

This lovely trio is made in Renton, WA, by Covey Designs.

Masterfully faceted peridot earrings and pendant by Bill Booze.
Masterfully faceted peridot earrings and pendant by Bill Booze.


The faceting of gemstones is a dying art in the United States.  Happily for us, Bill Booze (formerly of the damp Northwest and now residing in dry, sunny Arizona) continues to hone his skills in this art form.  A good faceter first finds quality stones to work with.  Then, as he sets about carving off edges, he looks for the most beautiful part of the stone within the rough. Additional facets added in the right spots make a stone sparkly beautifully, making the most of nature’s creation.

These qualities are certainly in evidence here in these three peridots. The earrings weigh in at 3.2 total carats. They are set in sterling prongs.  The pendant’s peridot weighs in at a wopping 5.8 carats. Also in a sterling setting, this would work great on a slider or omega chain. For our purposes, the chain is sold separately.

Trio of Skirts by Marcia Bloom
Trio of Skirts by Marcia Bloom

It’s always such fun to open a new box of skirts by Marcia Bloom.  Just such a box arrived last week and they are already selling well! Marcia’s skirts are a full circle of fabric with a wide elastic waist band that fits nearly everyone. Vibrant fabrics for spring and summer are the name of the game.  Go casual by pairing it with a T-shirt and jean jacket. Dress it up with strappy sandals and a drapey short jacket. Travels well too.

If you prefer a bit less color, check out this new combo from Angelrox…  What do you get when you put these three items together?

Three versatile pieces great individually, as well as all together.
Three versatile pieces great individually, as well as all together.

Put them all together, and get…

Three pieces layered together for a great look.
Three pieces layered together for a great look.
Here they are, all layered on top of each other, and accessorized with a wide black belt.  Comfortable and ready for action while keeping you looking fabulous!
This trio is available in a wide variety of color combinations.  Stop by to see swatches and choose your own combo.

New items are arriving weekly, so stop by to see what’s new!  Keep up to date by following us on Facebook!

Why Aquamarine Is So Popular

It is said that aquamarine brings joy and wealth to the wearer.  That alone makes it a good reason to add one to your collection.

If your birthday is in March, then this year give yourself a real treat with an especially gorgeous aquamarine – one faceted by the master, Bill Booze.

Aquamarine ring set in 14k yellow gold
Aquamarine ring set in 14k yellow gold

Aquamarine is one of the most popular colored gemstones around.  One reason is that it looks good on nearly every skin tone.  The lovely shade of blue has a hint of green, making it compliment so  many other hues.

The aquamarine shown here is especially gorgeous.  Faceted by the master, Bill Booze, the multiple facets beneath the stone bring out maximum sparkle as it catches the light.  It is a particularly high grade aquamarine, so Bill set it in 14k yellow gold.  Stunning.

Aquamarine set in 14k gold

Here’s another stunning example of a lovely aquamarine. This is also faceted by the master, Bill Booze, so has plenty of sparkle and beauty.

We have other examples as well, so stop on by to check it out!


Amazing Amethyst – Feb’s Birthstone

February’s birthstone is amethyst.  Amethysts come in varying shades of purple from a very pale hue to deep, rich purple.  Did you know that some of the most beautiful examples are mined right here in the US?  In Arizona in fact.

Four Peaks Amethyst in stunning setting
Four Peaks Amethyst in stunning setting

This stunning 15-carat amethyst was mined in the Four Peaks Mine of Arizona. Amethysts from this mine have flashes of red when viewed under natural light, making them dance with a special fire. They are very rare indeed.

The exquisite examples found at MaJe Gallery have been faceted by the master faceter, Bill Booze, also of Arizona.  Bill’s expertise in faceting brings out the most sparkle and visual beauty within each stone.

Four Peaks Amethyst Ring
Four Peaks Amethyst Ring

Here we have a 12-carat Four Peaks amethyst set in a lovely and unique sterling silver setting. Also faceted by Bill Booze, the depth of color, and flashes of red in this stone are simply mesmerizing.  This is now size 7, but never fear! It can be resized at no extra charge.

A number of other examples can be seen at MaJe Gallery.  Stop by to view the entire collection and select the perfect size and setting for that special February birthday girl!

Hearts Abound

Valentine’s Day is approaching!  We are ready with an assortment of great gifts for your perusal – many with hearts.

You can even purchase them online, right here!

Oil/Vinegar dispensers with dichroic glass hearts
Oil/Vinegar dispensers with dichroic glass hearts
Let’s keep with the food topic and turn to wine!

Stemless wine glasses with hearts
Stemless wine glasses with hearts

These charming bottles hold your favorite oils or your favorite vinegar.  Some even use them for their dish soap! The lavender one has sold already, but the red and clear one are still available.


Get an extra nice bottle of wine, and pour it out into these charming stemless wine glasses that feature a unique dichroic glass heart “charm”.  These glasses work well for both red and white wine.  More styles available in the gallery.

Fused glass "heart" candle shields
Fused glass “heart” candle shields

A little ambience is always nice too. Drink your special wine from the heart-charmed wine glasses, then light the candle behind one of these fused glass candle shields.  Each comes complete with a steel platform upon which sits a glass votive cup.  When lit, the flame glows through the translucent glass creating a magical glow in the room.

Heart sun catcher
Heart sun catcher

Let your heart catch the sun all year round with this sun catcher of red and dichroic glass.  The triple dangle tail just adds to the magic.

"Choose It All", original acrylic on canvas by Julie Terrell
“Choose It All”, original acrylic on canvas by Julie Terrell

This is an original acrylic painting on canvas – not a reproduction.  Julie Terrell is described as “relentlessly optimistic”, and her vibrant paintings with words are very popular – for obvious reasons.But what Valentine’s Day would be complete without jewelry?

Glass heart earrings by Jem's Jewelry
Glass heart earrings by Jem’s Jewelry
Valentine’s Day is simply not complete without jewelry.  These simple yet charming red glass heart earrings by Seattle’s Jem’s Jewelry are the perfect option!
Paper Flower Bouquets
Paper Flower Bouquets
Paper flower bouquets are a clever alternative to the traditional dozen roses.  And the best part? These will never die!  Place them in your favorite vase at home!
These and more “loving” gifts await your fancy at MaJe Gallery.  Stop by to see it all and find the perfect gift for your mate!

Happy 2016!

Aluminum and glass "Welcome" wreath for a happy day
Aluminum and glass “Welcome” wreath

Welcome to 2016!  This is sure to be a wonderful year for all of us, especially when we think in terms of the happy colors and thoughts found in this aluminum and glass wreath.  Made in Washington by Celeste, it measures 16″ diameter.

Exquisite umbalite garnet ring for a happy birthday girl
Rare Umbalite Garnet faceted by Bill Booze and set in 14k yellow gold

This stunning umbalite garnet is quite rare – not only is it rare to find one this color (a vibrant rosy fuschia), but it is also rare to find one this large.  Our master faceter, Bill Booze, added his magic to bring out the most incredible sparkle and beauty from this stone.  Even if you’re not into garnets, stop by to see this beauty for yourself, and learn something new!

A perfect gift for a special January birthday girl, since garnets are the birthstone for January.



Happy New Year!

A very big thanks to each and every one of you who helped make 2015 one of our best.  We pledge to keep you looking stylish and comfortable in 2016 as well.  And don’t forget, we have the best gift selection in town!

Holiday Hours:  Thursday, 12/31:  11am – 3pm

Friday – 1/1:  CLOSED

Back in action with normal hours beginning Saturday, January 2.

Check out some of the awesome looks you can get now!

Crimson Jacket by Testimony
Crimson Jacket by Testimony
Aqua Shimmer Shawl by Caron Miller
Aqua Shimmer Shawl by Caron Miller
Blue Topaz ring in silver
Blue Topaz ring in silver

Visit our Shoptiques boutique to buy online!

Happy Boxing Day!

It’s December 26th, the day after Christmas.  In British Commonwealth countries, it is the day when servants and tradesmen would receive gifts, known as a “Christmas box”, from their masters, employers or customers.  Thus, it is known as Boxing Day.

For those of us at MaJe Gallery, we have typically taken this day off to rest a bit more after the super busy selling season.  However, this year it falls on a Saturday, so here we are at the gallery, having fun with visiting family members who are out meandering about downtown Edmonds today.

We’ll be here until 4pm, so if you are bringing your family downtown, please stop by to introduce them and say hello!


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