Wrap Yourself Up In Our New Tops and Scarves

It is so much fun to discover new artists and designers! This week, I am so pleased to share not just one, but two new designers who will help wrap yourself up in their new tops and scarves. And naturally, both designers meet our Easy Elegance criteria!

Wrap Yourself Up in Parsley & Sage

Here’s what this company says about itself: “For a woman to feel elegant and individually express herself through her selection of clothing is synonymous with personal style. Each and every piece of Parsley & Sage clothing is made like old fashioned tailoring. It is not a mass produced item. Know with confidence that no two pieces will be exactly the same.

If that doesn’t sum up the Maje Way, I don’t know what does. Check it out!

wrap yourself up in this funky new top from Parsley & Sage in navy with warm accents, the Jenna.
The Jenna cowl tunic

Parsley & Sage is our newest designer for tops and jackets. This first one, the Jenna, features 3/4 sleeves and a tunic length which makes it perfect to wear over your skinny jeans or leggings. The navy background pairs perfectly with denim, and the warm accent colors cheer things up for fall. Made of rayon jersey, it is machine washable and super comfy.

The Vera button-up tunic

Our second piece from Parsley & Sage is the Vera tunic, which can be worn as a blouse or a jacket when unbuttoned. We also have a coordinating tank that looks fantastic underneath it in the same fabric. With some crinkle built right into the fabric, you don’t have to think of ironing it. 3/4 sleeves and tunic length make this perfect to wear over black skinny jeans or leggings. Its 100% polyester and thus good to machine wash and dry. A super nifty metal insert in the collar lets you have fun wearing it several different ways.

Wrap yourself up in this funky reversible cardigan from Parsley & Sage.
Funky Reversible Cardigan

Our final new item from Parsley & Sage is this funky reversible cardigan which features black and white stripes on one side, and heather gray on the other. Exposed seams are a great look these days, and very artistic. It’s one jacket with two ways to wear it, which makes it perfect for travel. It’s also lightweight and roomy. In fact, it’s so roomy you might choose one size smaller than normal for best fit. Made of a soft rayon/poly knit blend, it’s machine washable.

Wrap Yourself Up in Gorgeous Scarves by Carlo Scanagatta

The second wonderful artisan I get to introduce to you this week is Carlo Scanagatta. Here’s their story: “Ours is a story that transcends both time & place. The Scanagatta legacy begins high in the Dolomite mountains of Italy, where designer Carlo Scanagatta was born into a long line of artisans, artists and entrepreneurs. Ingenuity, beauty, imagination, and attention to detail are the gifts that he learned; the brilliance of his designs is his alone. Love brought Carlo to Seattle, where Scanagatta Designs grew to be a family affair driven by his wife Nancy Medwell, and made real by their daughter Elena and Tessitura Alberto Albertazzi, the historic textile mill in Como, Italy where three generations of artisan Albertazzi women bring the Scanagatta designs to life in wearable, joy-filled form, one handmade piece at a time. Ours is a legacy of love. Welcome to the family.

Wrap yourself up in these luxurious scarves by Carlo Scanatta.
Two cashmere blend scarves measuring 56×56″ square

You have to stop by to feel the luxurious quality of these beauties. These two are both a cashmere blend of very light weight fabric with the most incredible drape. They are both 56″ x 56″ square and thus offer a plethora of ways to wear them as scarf, shawl or sarong. On the left is “botti in ballo” which translates to “Dancing barrels.” In neutral tones of charcoal, tan, ivory and ocean blue, there are dancing figures all across the scarf expressing joy and happiness. On the right is “Piazza Grande” with sumptuous colors or coral, turquoise, green and black. 

Wrap yourself up in these luxurious rectangle scarves by Carlo Scanagatta
Two rectangle scarves by Carlo Scanagatta

If you prefer a scarf with a rectangle shape, then we’ve got you covered. On the left is the cashmere blend called “Symmetry 15″, inspired by an orchid bloom. The cream/blue/tan color palette is simply delicious. It measures 28″ x 80”. On the right is “Notturna”, a 100″ silk twill measuring 76″ x 19″. The rich hues of orange, blue, purple and black are woven in a mesmerizing pattern.

I’m planning a gathering to see the entire collection of Carlo Scanagatta scarves. If you’d like an invitation, please let me know. It will be in early December, so a great time for thinking of gifts.

Stay warm and dry!

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