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Word signs are a great way to emblazon your walls with things that are meaningful to you. They are terrific conversation starters, too, when visitors ask you why that phrase is special to you.

Word Signs For Home

We just received our first collection of colorful painted wood word signs from Kristen Banks of Colorado. All are available to purchase right here!

Word signs like "Adventure Awaits", shown here in navy blue
This wooden word sign is shown in navy blue.

See the two circles near the top, in the “d” and “r”? That’s for super easy hanging. Light enough to hang on a push pin. This one measures 18″ x 6″.

Word signs like this, "Fortune Befriends The Bold", shown here in red.
Word Signs like this one in red are great fun.

This one is larger and in wonderful, bold red! It measures 14.5″ x 12″, perfect for many available spots on your walls.

Word signs like "Friends Gather Here" are for the full house
Word Signs like this are for those whose home is the place everyone congregates.

Is your home the place that’s always full of people, friendship and laughter? Then this is the sign for you! Or make it a gift for your friend whose home is like that! This one, shown here in pear green, measures 12″ x 16″.

Word Signs like this "To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow", shown in yellow.
The perfect Word Signs for your favorite gardener

With all the amazing gardens in Edmonds, you now have the perfect gift for your pal with that garden you admire. Or maybe that’s you! Either way, word signs like this are such fun to share. This one, shown in yellow, measures 18″ x 11″.

Word Signs like "Love Grows Here" announce your intentions
Announce your intention with this affirming word sign

Shout out your intentions to the world! Your house is filled with love, and you are proud of that. This word sign, shown here in teal, measures 12″ x 14″.

Mini Word Signs

Word signs in a smaller format like these are about the best gift you can think of. At just $19.50 each, you can’t go wrong. Check out the current choices!

Word Signs like "You are my sunshine" celebrate life.
Who’s the sunshine in your life?

Need a special gift for a wonderful person? Look no further! This word sign, shown here in cheerful yellow, measures 5.5″ x 8 1/4″. It’s sold out at the moment, but I’m happy to order it for you!

Word Signs like "Yoga Nerd" are fun
This one is special for all my customers you love yoga!

I bet we all have friends who do yoga. Maybe several friends. And maybe you too! This mini sign measures 6.5″ x 5.5″

Word Signs like "Happy Thoughts" are a great reminder
Sometimes we need a little reminder to think happy thoughts.

Another mini word sign, this time in ┬áteal, reminds you to live each day with a positive spin. This measures 9″ x 5.5″.

Mini Word Signs like this, "This is my happy place," shown in orange.
Mini word signs like this are just the thing to put in your personal happy place.

Where’s your happy place? Is it a favorite chair for reading? Maybe it’s your studio where you create things. For some, it’s the kitchen. Celebrate our unique differences by celebrating YOUR happy place! This mini sign is in orange and measures 7″ x 6 1/4″.

Tiny Word Signs

Let’s go smaller yet with word signs like this cute collection! Each measures 1″ tall x 5″ wide. ┬áThey sell for $6 each or 3 for $15. Stop by or call to get the best of our current selection.

Word Signs can be tiny, like these one-word signs.
1″ tall x 5″ wide, these single word signs make great gifts.

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