Enjoy Our New Website!

The time has come to update our website, and here it is!  Enjoy our wonderful photos and style coverage.

Get the latest news on the best gifts for friends, family and loved ones.

Let us know what you think, too.  Should we add online shopping?

3 Replies to “Enjoy Our New Website!”

  1. Maje…My friend Marsha was in your store a few days ago and spoke to you regarding my clutch bags, purses and just bags in general. I believe you asked her to send you my website. I am in the process of building one, so don’t have it up just yet. I am passionate about my craft. I’d love to send you some pictures of a few of my bags and of course talk to you. I did speak with someone today and that you would be in tomorrow around 11am. I’ll call tomorrow. Best regards…Lorraine Velona

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