Happy Birthday, Manya!

Happy birthday, Manya! Today is my birthday! I’m 56 now, believe it or not. (Jeff says I look 26. Who am I to disagree?) That means I was born in 1962, the same year as the Seattle World’s Fair. My first ride up the Space Needle was in the womb! It was the beginning of the Cuban Missile Crisis. And Flea was born this day too. (Who’s Flea? The bassist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, of course).

My dear illustrator husband, Jeff, created a caricature of me to celebrate – complete with awesome jewelry!

Jeff treats me to various versions of the birthday song all week long, too. Here’s Jeff singing my favorite version, an old-time country version that always causes me to dissolve into giggle fits. I hope you giggle a bit too!

To celebrate my birthday this year, I want to give YOU a gift! This week, all the way until closing time on Saturday, October 20 at 5pm, you get to save 10% on your entire purchase! But, there’s a CATCH! I don’t want just anyone to take advantage of this savings. Only YOU! So, there’s a password phrase: “I heard that you like Thai Mussels.” Just say that to me when you’re ready to check out, and voila! Without a word spoken between us other than Thai Mussels, you’ll see 10% less on your receipt!

Why Thai Mussels you might ask? Well, the reason is simple. It’s one of my favorite dishes, and I’ll be enjoying it as one of my birthday dinners this week!

If you wish to give me a gift, the best gift I could receive is a 5-star review! Even better, if you have a little story or experience you’d like to share, it would totally make my day.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Facebook reviews post here. Look for the “reviews” link on the left bar, third or fourth button down.
  • Yelp reviews post here.

Thank you so much!

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