Fall Colors Spice Up Your Wardrobe

Warm gold, red, and orange cheer up the dreary skies of fall in the northwest. Some of you enjoy wearing those colors all year round! We’ve got a special treat for you this week – fall colors spice up your wardrobe!

fall colors spice up your wardrobe like this great combo from Testimony Los Angeles. The Leona jacket in sienna paired with the famous pocket pants in chocolate brown.
The Leona jacket in “sienna”, with chocolate brown pocket pants

The soft french terry fabric used by Testimony Los Angeles is designed to flatter the figure while maximizing comfort. The Leona jacket ($189) is a stylish, elegant jacket complete with long sleeves, pockets and a single button closure. For fall, it is available in this delectable sienna, a vivid burnt orange hue. Happily, it pairs spectacularly with the popular pocket pants in fall’s chocolate brown mineral wash (purchase below). All are machine washable and wrinkle resistant making them an excellent choice for travel.

fall colors spice up your wardrobe like the ever-popular pocket pants by Testimony Los Angeles in a mineral wash chocolate brown.
The popular pocket pants in chocolate brown

Here’s a close-up of the mineral wash chocolate brown pocket pants. These pants look like jeans, but are pull-ups! No bulky zipper and snap to interfere with your tops. If you haven’t tried these on yet, now is the time. Manya got her first pair at least 8 years ago, and she still wears them today. You’ll get top value for the price with these great jeans. $125.

Accessorizing Your Fall Colors

fall colors spice up your wardrobe by adding a unique scarf that combines both the color of the jacket and the pants. Testimony Los Angeles
Accessories with a scarf that combines both colors

Add this one-of-a-kind scarf by Susie Howell because it combines both chocolate brown with sienna to create a smashing outfit. Susie finds amazing fabrics that she cuts on the bias, and then sews together for a beautiful collage art scarf. This particular one is perfect for the colors in the jacket and pants! $89.

fall colors spice up your wardrobe with chocolate brown pocket pants by Testimony Los Angeles and a cinnabar cotton tee by Necessitees.
Simple, yet elegant style

Pair the chocolate pocket pants with a cotton tee shirt in “cinnabar,” and then add Susie’s one-of-a-kind scarf (available to purchase above) to bring it all together. This is another excellent combination for those of you who look best in fall colors and reflects a simple, yet elegant style.

Be Bold and Play With Fall Colors

fall colors spice up your wardrobe play with colors in the Testimony Los Angeles Leona jacket, black pocket pants and colorful tops.
Go Bold!

For a particularly striking effect with your sienna jacket, go for the opposite colors on the wheel like a teal or purple top worn over black pants. In this case, the black pants are the ever-popular pocket pants, also by Testimony Los Angeles. The teal top is a bamboo tee from Angelrox while the purple tee is cotton from Necessitees. All currently available at MaJe Gallery. Come in and try some things on!

Fall Colors Jewelry Adds More Spice

fall colors spice up your wardrobe or just add a splash with a leaf and apatite pendant by Jem's Jewelry's Mary Freiberger
Enameled leaf with apatite

Seattle’s Mary Freiberger delivered a perfect collection of fall pendants to accessorize your fall wardrobe. A unique enameled leaf features a faceted apatite nestled in the center. Each is on an 18″ gold fill chain with a safety clasp. Choose your favorite combo knowing no two are alike. $65.

fall colors spice up your wardrobe with two leaf and gem pendants by Jem's Jewelry
Enameled leaf with amethyst or carnelian

Two more choices from Mary Freiberger, but this time the enameled leaf nestles a purple amethyst or an orange carnelian. Choose either striking contrast or smooth cohabitation because you deserve it. $65.

Enjoy more delightful jewelry options by checking out our page devoted to Shari Both Jewelry Design!

Are you struggling to make your wardrobe work? Sometimes it only takes one or two basic additions to make it all meld again and feel fresh. Stop by and chat with Manya to figure out how to update your wardrobe without changing it all out for new.

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