Easy Elegance Beyond Basic Black

Basic black is easy, elegant, and doesn’t require much thought. Today I challenge you to add just a bit of thought to shift your look to the next level. Easy elegance beyond basic black is both fun and practical! Start with your favorite black pants. They can be leggings, jeggings, trousers, jeans, whatever you want. 

Easy Elegance beyond basic black starts with your favorite bottom half.

Next comes your favorite black top. For our purposes today, make it a snug top that feels comfortable to wear. We’re going to add layers, so this first layer mustn’t be flowy or voluminous in order to have what we do next work effectively. Depending on the season, it can be a tank top or have long sleeves or be something in between.

Easy Elegance – the Shirt-Jacket

The first item up for examination is the shirt-jacket. This is one of those button up shirts that can be worn as either a blouse or a jacket, depending on your mood. We have several options right now at MaJe Gallery and they range from classical elegance to bohemian flair.

Easy Elegance beyond basic black incorporates classical choices like the stripe/dot combo from Marla Duran
Marla Duran’s stripes and dots shirt-jacket

Pennsylvania’s Marla Duran uses top-grade woven rayon fabric to create her artisan classical blouses. Impeccably tailored, her pieces drape beautifully, flattering the figure while maintaining a distinctively structured shape with a straight hem. Wear it closed for a more professional look, or unbutton it over a simple black or ivory top to take it immediately to a casual occasion. This top is available in sizes M and L for $198.

Easy Elegance beyond basic black makes a blouse also a jacket by Marla Duran
Tunic blouse by Marla Duran

Here’s a second look from Marla Duran, this time a bit longer for a tunic length blouse-jacket in her fabulous woven rayon fabric. Her unique approach to button with an appliqued overpiece for contrast makes a big statement. Wear it as a blouse to make a classic, professional statement. Open it up like a jacket over a black, blue or white top to bring it down to a casual level that still keeps everything a class act. This top is one-of-a-kind in size Large for $275.

Easy Elegance beyond basic black pairs a big periwinkle shirt from Color Me Cotton over it all.
The Big Shirt from Color Me Cotton

If your style is more bohemian and flowy, you’ll like the Big Shirt from Color Me Cotton in this lovely periwinkle. The loose fit makes movement a breeze whether open or closed. The light weight fabric makes it an excellent travel choice. Wear it closed with an awesome scarf like this cut velvet one by Birgit Moening. Or just let it be an open jacket for an elegant casual look. Just $98. One left in medium.

Easy Elegance – The Cardigan

As our evenings and mornings get chillier, it’s time to drag out the light wraps and cardigans from the back of the closet. Here are some colorful choices to add a bit of spice to your fall wardrobe.

Easy Elegance beyond basic black by adding an ultraviolet cardigan by Color Me Cotton
A long cardigan in Ultra Violet

A bright color creates vivid contrast when worn over basic black as you can see for yourself in this cotton ultraviolet cardigan by Color Me Cotton. It’s a light cotton that’s perfect for our chilly mornings and evenings that won’t weigh you down the rest of the day. I have one in each size from XS to XXL except for medium, and it’s just $98 too. Machine washable and superb for travel.

Shawl collar jacket in “Berry”

Perhaps a brighter pink is your preference. In that case, you’ll like this more tailored and slightly heavier weight cotton jacket with a shawl collar. Made in California by Necessitees, it’s 100% cotton knit, machine washable, and fun. Wear it to the office, to a party, out on the town with the girls, or on a date. 

Easy Elegance beyond basic black by adding a funky bamboo cardigan in teal by Angelrox.
Teal Short Cardigan from Angelrox

Do you like your clothing less structured? Then you’ll appreciate the short cardigan in “lagoon”, a rich teal, by Angelrox. Raw edges, thumb holes, and nice pockets make this both good looking and versatile. Machine washable, great for travel, appropriate for certain workplaces, and perfect for looking great while shopping, having lunch with pals, or going out on a date. Also available in 40 other colors for just $158.

And now, for something completely different…

Labor Day approacheth! And as usual, downtown Edmonds is celebrating with a big sidewalk sale all through town. MaJe Gallery is participating, with a number of great items to offer.

  • the 50% off rack featuring all remaining summer clothing, getting lower with each passing day.
  • Saturday’s SUPER RACK where everything is just $25.
  • Sunday’s SUPER RACK where everything is just $18.
  • Monday’s SUPER RACK where everything is just $10!
  • A chocolate truffle gift for all purchases over $50.


Saturday 11 – 5, Sunday noon – 4, Monday 11 -3

Hope to see you this weekend!

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