Easy Elegance Beyond Basic Black

Basic black is easy, elegant, and doesn’t require much thought. Today I challenge you to add just a bit of thought to shift your look to the next level. Easy elegance beyond basic black is both fun and practical! Start with your favorite black pants. They can be leggings, jeggings, trousers, jeans, whatever you want. 

Easy Elegance beyond basic black starts with your favorite bottom half.

Next comes your favorite black top. For our purposes today, make it a snug top that feels comfortable to wear. We’re going to add layers, so this first layer mustn’t be flowy or voluminous in order to have what we do next work effectively. Depending on the season, it can be a tank top or have long sleeves or be something in between.

Easy Elegance – the Shirt-Jacket

The first item up for examination is the shirt-jacket. This is one of those button up shirts that can be worn as either a blouse or a jacket, depending on your mood. We have several options right now at MaJe Gallery and they range from classical elegance to bohemian flair.

Easy Elegance beyond basic black incorporates classical choices like the stripe/dot combo from Marla Duran
Marla Duran’s stripes and dots shirt-jacket

Pennsylvania’s Marla Duran uses top-grade woven rayon fabric to create her artisan classical blouses. Impeccably tailored, her pieces drape beautifully, flattering the figure while maintaining a distinctively structured shape with a straight hem. Wear it closed for a more professional look, or unbutton it over a simple black or ivory top to take it immediately to a casual occasion. This top is available in sizes M and L for $198.

Easy Elegance beyond basic black makes a blouse also a jacket by Marla Duran
Tunic blouse by Marla Duran

Here’s a second look from Marla Duran, this time a bit longer for a tunic length blouse-jacket in her fabulous woven rayon fabric. Her unique approach to button with an appliqued overpiece for contrast makes a big statement. Wear it as a blouse to make a classic, professional statement. Open it up like a jacket over a black, blue or white top to bring it down to a casual level that still keeps everything a class act. This top is one-of-a-kind in size Large for $275.

Easy Elegance beyond basic black pairs a big periwinkle shirt from Color Me Cotton over it all.
The Big Shirt from Color Me Cotton

If your style is more bohemian and flowy, you’ll like the Big Shirt from Color Me Cotton in this lovely periwinkle. The loose fit makes movement a breeze whether open or closed. The light weight fabric makes it an excellent travel choice. Wear it closed with an awesome scarf like this cut velvet one by Birgit Moening. Or just let it be an open jacket for an elegant casual look. Just $98. One left in medium.

Easy Elegance – The Cardigan

As our evenings and mornings get chillier, it’s time to drag out the light wraps and cardigans from the back of the closet. Here are some colorful choices to add a bit of spice to your fall wardrobe.

Easy Elegance beyond basic black by adding an ultraviolet cardigan by Color Me Cotton
A long cardigan in Ultra Violet

A bright color creates vivid contrast when worn over basic black as you can see for yourself in this cotton ultraviolet cardigan by Color Me Cotton. It’s a light cotton that’s perfect for our chilly mornings and evenings that won’t weigh you down the rest of the day. I have one in each size from XS to XXL except for medium, and it’s just $98 too. Machine washable and superb for travel.

Shawl collar jacket in “Berry”

Perhaps a brighter pink is your preference. In that case, you’ll like this more tailored and slightly heavier weight cotton jacket with a shawl collar. Made in California by Necessitees, it’s 100% cotton knit, machine washable, and fun. Wear it to the office, to a party, out on the town with the girls, or on a date. 

Easy Elegance beyond basic black by adding a funky bamboo cardigan in teal by Angelrox.
Teal Short Cardigan from Angelrox

Do you like your clothing less structured? Then you’ll appreciate the short cardigan in “lagoon”, a rich teal, by Angelrox. Raw edges, thumb holes, and nice pockets make this both good looking and versatile. Machine washable, great for travel, appropriate for certain workplaces, and perfect for looking great while shopping, having lunch with pals, or going out on a date. Also available in 40 other colors for just $158.

And now, for something completely different…

Labor Day approacheth! And as usual, downtown Edmonds is celebrating with a big sidewalk sale all through town. MaJe Gallery is participating, with a number of great items to offer.

  • the 50% off rack featuring all remaining summer clothing, getting lower with each passing day.
  • Saturday’s SUPER RACK where everything is just $25.
  • Sunday’s SUPER RACK where everything is just $18.
  • Monday’s SUPER RACK where everything is just $10!
  • A chocolate truffle gift for all purchases over $50.


Saturday 11 – 5, Sunday noon – 4, Monday 11 -3

Hope to see you this weekend!

What’s New This Week at MaJe?

New dog totes by Eric and Christopher

What’s new this week at MaJe Gallery? Enjoy a variety of all our Easy Elegance offerings from new jewelry, to heavy canvas totes for dog lovers, and a little tutorial on how to put an outfit together.

New This Week: New Artist Sheri K Designs

New this week is Sheri K Designs blue ice quartz necklace
Blue Ice Quartz necklace by Sheri K Designs

We are pleased to welcome a new artist, Sheri K Designs, to MaJe Gallery this week. Sheri searches for unusual stones and components to create one-of-a-kind statement necklaces for the woman who loves distinctive adornments. Take this lovely blue necklace as a great example. Rough chunks of blue ice quartz are interspersed with silver filigree beads, turquoise and glass to finish in a lovely sterling toggle clasp for 18″ of beauty. Yours for just $148.

New this week is this stunning Afghani lapis lazuli necklace by Sheri K Designs
Stunning Afghani Lapis

Sheri K lets the beauty of this stunning matte Afghani lapis lazuli steal the show, interspersed with a single Swarovski crystal. Sometimes, the most simple necklace is the best answer, and Sheri delivers it here. Just $225.

New this week is this necklace of lava beads and silver filigree by Sheri K Designs
Lava beads with sterling filigree

Our final example from Sheri’s collection of 10 pieces is this black and white stunner featuring lava beads (yes, they are made from actual hardened lava), sterling filigree and clear glass. It looks heavy, but both the lava and filigree beads are actually very light, so you get the look without the weight. Just $148.

New This Week: New Work by Kathryn Sherwood

New this week is this gorgeous example of nature's beauty, coleus by Kathryn Sherwood
2018 Fall Coleus Jewelry

Port Orchard, WA, artist Kathryn Sherwood grows all kinds of plants in her back yard. She then dries them and mounts them on glass so we can actually wear her natural wonders! Her coleus plants turned out especially beautiful this year and she is so excited to deliver a batch to us this week. Check out the beauty of nature yourself in this bracelet and earring combo which can be yours for just $78.

New This Week: For Dog Lovers!

Everybody knows that Edmonds is a dog-friendly town. You’ll see water dishes outside shop doors, and many a dog enjoys treats all along the way on both 5th Avenue and Main Street – including MaJe Gallery! So, when I saw these fabulous heavy-duty canvas totes made in Pennsylvania, I knew they’d be a big hit with Edmonds folk. And I was right!

New this week are new canvas dog totes by Eric & Christopher
Large canvas totes with pug, dachshund or labradoodle

Here are just three examples of the wonderful silk screened dog images you can find on these amazing totes. Made of super heavy duty cotton canvas, each one measures 6″ x 16″ across and 17″ high with double-stitching for extra strength. Perfect for your farmer’s market purchases or all your downtown Edmonds shopping. Just $35 each. More breeds available including Labrador, Boxer, Boston Terrior, Corgi, Husky, Golden Retriever, Pit Bull, and more. Stop by to see them all, and take one home for yourself. Also, these make a terrific gift for your dog-loving pals.

MaJe Tutorial: Put It Together Right!

Your closet is full of disparate clothing items. How to put them together creatively? Check out these two ideas and then see what you can do with the things in your closet.

MaJe Tutorial: put a print skirt with a solid top and jacket, then a unique necklace to tie it all together
Blue and Brown – put this together for fun

Pull any printed skirt out of your closet. Look at the colors in it. This one has blue and tan along with green, white, red and gray. It’s a one-of-a-kind skirt ($89) by Susie Howell in size medium. I liked the emphasis on blue and tan in the print, so I paired it with a tan cotton top ($32) from Necessitees in “sand”, and a crop denim jacket ($159) from Testimony in a medium blue. All are size medium. The final piece is the long 32″ necklace ($24) with a single blue stone to tie it all together. By focusing on the colors in the print, you can put together a great outfit that fits the Easy Elegance mantra.

MaJe Tutorial: Simply elegant classics pair up in a winning combination
Black, white and gray are always classic

For those of you who love black, white and gray, check out this charming combination from Morocco in hand-woven cotton separates. Loose capri pants ($120) in dark gray pair beautifully with the three blocks of fabric in the loose top ($98). While the two items are fine by themselves, they suddenly take on a whole new dimension with the one-of-a-kind found object art necklace ($88) by T.A. Ryder. This new line is a new favorite because of their generous cut and elegant drape. One size fits most.

Stay tuned to see what lovely treasures arrive next week at MaJe Gallery! Keep that Easy Elegance flowing!

Add Sensational Ultra Violet To Your Wardrobe

Pantone, a design industry innovator, chooses a particular color to capture the essence of a particular year.  According to them, color has always been an integral part of how a culture expresses the attitudes and emotions of the times. For 2018, that color is Ultra Violet, which makes Manya very happy since she loves all shades of purple. (Next time you visit the gallery, take a moment to notice all the places she has decorated with purple!)

In Pantone’s view, Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future. It’s a color that takes our awareness and potential to a higher level, and lights the way for what is yet to come. How’s that for exciting?

Our newest collection of Color Me Cotton clothing is in their version of Ultra Violet! We’ve got two tops and a jacket for your consideration, in our Easy Elegance soft fabrics that both look good and feel terrific.

ultra violet looks great in this Color Me Cotton cowl tunic
The textured cowl top in Ultra Violet

This tunic is one of the most popular styles from Color Me Cotton, featuring a cowl neck, an empire waist and a longer tunic length. It’s perfect over your favorite black leggings or jeans. The super soft rayon jersey fabric is machine washable, great for travel, and flattering to the figure. Just $89.

ultra violet looks great in this flattering top from Color Me Cotton
The “Linda” top in ultra violet print

Here’s that ultra violet again in another Color Me Cotton top. This time a light weight cotton top with 3/4 sleeves and a rounded neckline flatters your figure while hiding flaws. Longer in the back, it’s a perfect length for many of you, while loose in the torso. The cotton fabric is machine washable. Multiple colors in the print pair well with navy, black, olive or paprika pants. Just $68.

ultra violet Color Me Cotton light weight cotton jacket
Ultra violet cotton jacket

The solid color of ultra violet is just mesmerizing. The weight of the cotton is very light making it a perfect piece as our mornings and evenings get a bit cooler. It came from the very same dye lot as the top above, making it an exceptional combination for pairing. Check the same two items in the next photo.

ultra violet print top with solid jacket, both by Color Me Cotton
Ultra violet print top with solid jacket

Don’t these two pieces look fantastic together? The best part is they also look good separately with other items, thus expanding the versatility of your closet exponentially. Get them both in your size right now!

Versatile Twist Jacket Plus New Handbags

versatile twist jacket by Testimony Los Angeles

Testimony Los Angeles has done it again. Right now, we are introducing the newest lightweight classy jacket – the versatile Twist jacket. You can wear it three different ways and get a completely different look each time. Check it out:

The Versatile Twist Jacket

Yep, that’s all the same jacket, as modeled by yours truly, Manya Vee. I bet you’re wondering just how in the world one single jacket could accomplish three such different looks, aren’t you? Well, enjoy this very amateur video I made with my little camera to show you how.

The Twist Jacket – how to wear it three ways

OMG, how in the world to change that thumbnail image?  Please ignore and hit play to see how to do this. I have the jacket right now in the color shown here, called “pewter.” It also comes in black. Get your very own in pewter right here, and let me know if you want black because I can order it for you. Just $128. Machine washable, made of highest quality rayon jersey.

New Line of Handbags

I’ve been looking for quite a while to find a reasonably priced, classy collection of handbags that are eco-friendly as well. Enter CoLab! These carefully constructed, vegan leather handbags are designed with a busy woman in mind. And not just one sort of busy woman, but rather a variety of busy women, each of whom like things a certain way.

First off is a small, crossbody super wallet that’s perfect for the minimalist woman on the go. A magnetic clasp keeps everything safe, but there’s added security with two zipper pockets and a snap strap to hold driver’s license and credit cards in place. Adjustable strap. Shown here in “twig”, it is also available in black, wine and “ink”, a dark gray. Just $49.

A versatile twist jacket needs a versatile handbag, like this medium crossbody from CoLab

Next up is a medium-sized crossbody bag with a roomy interior, multiple pockets, with additional pockets inside, including two with zippers and two open for easy access. A magnet on each side of the flap holds it securely closed. Adjustable strap lets you wear it over one shoulder or as a crossbody. Available in wine (shown), black or ink (dark gray) for $88.

A versatile twist jacket needs a versatile handbag like this one that transforms from a short strap to an adjustable crossbody from CoLab.

A versatile jacket needs a versatile handbag like this one that transforms from a short strap to an adjustable crossbody strap (now removed). Zipper closure keeps your things safe. Multiple pockets inside keep you organized. One open pocket outside is perfect for quick access items like your phone or keys.

A versatile jacket needs a super cute purse like this little red one from CoLab.

Finally, we have the totally charming little red bag in a horse-shoe shape – perfect for a night out or for those of you who truly only carry a few items. Adjustable strap and secure front closure keep everything safe and sound.

And that’s all for this first full week of August! Stay tuned for more fall-themed items coming later this week – including a lovely collection from Color Me Cotton – three tops in a color they’re calling Ultra-Violet! Gorgeous!

Cotton Tops For Women – Your Favorite Tee

cotton tops for women like the popular dolman tank from Necessitees

Many of your tell me it’s getting more difficult to find cotton tops for women. So, I teamed up with California’s Necessitees to offer simple cotton tee shirts to fulfill your every need. Available in every neckline imaginable, as well as any sleeve length – not to mention a very wide array of colors – tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll get it for you.

The most popular top is the Dolman Tank. Why? The wide shoulders cover all bra straps, are great alone on hot days, and are great layered with sweaters, cardigans and jackets for cool days.

Cotton Tops For Women

cotton tops for women like the dolman tank from Necessitees
Necessitees Dolman Tank

This is a body-conscious top, so if you’re struggling with love handles, go one or two sizes larger than your normal size to feel comfortable.  While I don’t have this exact color in stock right now, I have a deeper tone, a salmon, that’s very similar. $32 and currently available in sizes S, M, L and XL.

cotton tops for women like the dolman tank from Necessitees
The Dolman Tank in “Lagoon”

“Lagoon” is a gorgeous turquoise that’s very popular with many of you. Currently available in S, M, and L. Just $32. Machine washable. Great for travel. Your favorite wardrobe basic.

cotton tops for women like the dolman tank from Necessitees
The Dolman Tank in “Amethyst”

“Amethyst” is a lovely true royal purple.

Currently available in S, M, and L. Just $32. Machine washable. Great for travel. Your favorite wardrobe basic.

cotton tops for women like the dolman tank from Necessitees
The Dolman Tank in Black

Naturally, we have black in all sizes from XS – XL – same for white. Since white is notoriously difficult to photograph, please excuse its absence in this file and know that you can get it anyway. Also just $32, machine washable, great for travel, and your favorite wardrobe basic.

Order the white Dolman Tank here:

New SolMate Socks

cotton tops for women need matching socks like these charming anklets from SolMate Socks
Anklets from SolMate Socks in Violet (left) and Sweet Pea (right)

Solmate Socks was started in the year 2000 by Marianne Wakerlin with the simple idea that “Life’s too short for matching socks.” As a lifelong textile artist with a wonderful eye for design and keen instinct for business, she knew there was a market for beautifully crafted, mismatched socks made right here in America.

We’ve long offered the ever-popular crew sock option here at MaJe Gallery. Now you can enjoy two anklet styles as well. Made of 62% Cotton, 22% Polyester, 15% Nylon, 1% Lycra. We recommend washing in cold or warm water. Socks will shrink a little in their first washing; however, they are knit on the larger size to accommodate this and do stretch out once worn again.

cotton tops for women need cute socks for kids like this trio of mismatched socks from SolMate
A trio of colorful, mismatched socks for kids

A pair and a spare – that’s what this trio of socks for kids offers from Vermont’s popular SolMate Socks. Now that there’s no other option to buy kids clothing in Edmonds, we’re expanding to fill in the blank space.

Available in two sizes (ages 2-5 and then 6-8), we’ve currently got these three colorways available. From left to right, the colors are June Bug, Caterpillar and Lady Bug. We’ll be happy to add more options if they start flying out the door! Just $22 per trio. Order by emailing me directly at info (at) majegallery (dot) com.

Made of 62% Cotton, 22% Polyester, 15% Nylon, 1% Lycra. We recommend washing in cold or warm water. Socks will shrink a little in their first washing; however, they are knit on the larger size to accommodate this and do stretch out once worn again.

And there you have it! Our newest offerings at MaJe Gallery for your first week of August, 2018. Stay tuned as a new collection of handbags arrives this week (be first to get a sneak peek by checking out our facebook page!)