What Mom Wants

What mom wants for Mother’s Day is time, peace and love. A little appreciation would be nice too! Our moms work hard to make our lives safe, happy and trouble free. We’ve got some ideas to help you give some of that back to her this Mother’s Day.

What Mom Wants

what mom wants is magnetic clasps on all her favorite necklaces
Magnetic clasps make things easy

As mom gets older, it gets more difficult to work those tiny little clasps on her favorite necklaces. This year, give her the chance to replace those with easy magnetic clasps that even work with the most arthritic of fingers. For just $10 per necklace, Manya will remove the difficult clasp and replace it with a silver or gold magnetic clasp. She’ll be so happy to be able to easily wear her favorite necklaces again! Give her a gift certificate for as many clasps as you want and let her choose which necklaces she wants to put them on. Stop by or call to have your gift certificate mailed anywhere in the world.

what mom wants is to keep her kids close to her heart with personalized jewelry
Personalized Jewelry

What mom wants is to keep her family close to her heart all day, every day. Give her a collection of charms with initials or names so she can wear it daily. Choose from a variety of shapes and metals, add a tiny sterling heart or perhaps the birthstones of each loved one. Make it uniquely hers by choosing a special selection yourself.

Mom Wants Your Heart

what mom wants is a heart pendant from you
A crystal heart pendant

What mom wants is your heart, so give it to her in the form of a Swarovski crystal! Shown here in “red magma”, we also have crystal AB and astral pink colors available. All come with a sterling silver 18″ chain as well as coordinating earrings.

Mom Wants To Be Pretty

what mom wants is a beautiful scarf and necklace set
What a stylish mom wants

A gorgeous scarf with coordinating necklace and earrings is another thing mom wants. Check out our extensive collection of scarves from various artists, and get Manya’s help pairing it with a necklace and/or earrings to come up with the perfect combo.

Mom Wants Chocolate

What mom wants is chocolate!
Mom Wants Chocolate!

What mom wants is chocolate! These are so delicious, you might have to indulge in some for yourself as well. Spokandy has been making gourmet chocolate treats since 1913, and we have an excellent selection for you to choose from. It’s healthy too, now that we know that eating a bit of dark chocolate each day is good for your heart!

Mom Wants Her Garden

what mom wants is a garden blessing
Garden Blessing

If your mom happens to be a gardener, then she’d adore a Garden Blessing to stake into the center for all to enjoy. These fused glass beauties are great because glass won’t fade in the sun, like nearly everything else. It’s a perfect way to honor her tender care for her plants, just like she put all that love into growing YOU.

These ideas and more await you at MaJe Gallery. Let us help you figure out what YOUR mom wants this Mother’s Day!

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